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Stage 4 lung cancer

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I just found out my 60 year old mother has lung cancer.
All we were told is that is is at stage 4 and is inoperable!
She has been complaining to her family doctor for 3 years about having a hard time breathing and that she keeps getting pnemonia.
Well this time she got her regular penacillin for the pnemonia and it didn't go away. It got worse.
She was admitted and they also found fluid around her heart.
They drained 750ml of fluid from the heart, and have a drain tube in her chest that will remain there until it stops draining.
I am really scared and have no idea what I can do for her?
I hear a lot of people now telling me about alternative medicines and procedures.
Does anyone have any advice for someone in my situation?

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Hi,,I too was in congestive heart failure {fluid around heart} ,it was my bodies way of telling me "hay somethings wrong " ,,your body talks to you its just that not everyone listens !!! But anyways they drained it and thats all good now. I'm on my second round of lung cancer ,,I was 1st diagnosed in 07' ,then the same cancer returned back in Oct 10 , {lung cancer non-operable} I had chemo & radiation the 1st time & this time too. My advice stay positive and the drugs they have now-a-days are greater then 5 yrs ago ,,they are getting better with treating cancer then ever before.Don't listen to negative stories because everyones cancer is different its up to your mom from here out ,but be a positive force in her life & keep life as normal as possible for her .Prayers sent your way.

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My Mother in law 2 weeks ago was diagnosed with small cell stage 4 lung cancer.She is 67 and a smoker. I was told she is not smoking now.
She also has it in her lymph nodes. And the Mri shows she has 2 tumors.
When she went to the hospital she had fluid around the heart and they had to drain it with a needle and also had fluid in her lungs. She had 3 chemo treatments and is home now.
She will continue with chemo and hey did a lung test today to see if the chemo treatments helped at all. Den1964 do you have small cell lung cancer.
Prayers are with you all.

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Hi Kathy,
I am writing to you b/c it is helping me unwind, my mom just passed from stage 3b small cell lung cancer. She was 75 and has been fighting it for over a year. There are many things they can do to help. I would check with the oncologist and see how progressive the tumors are in the lungs and lymph nodes. Have they done a PET scan or just a Cat scan of the chest cavity or the lymph nodes and how many lymph nodes are effected b/c they are all over a persons body? Take a list of questions next time someone goes with your mother in law and ask the plan of action for the fight. How many bags of chemo are they giving her? How many more rounds will she be receiving? Lots of things to ask. Be aggressive for the fight and cherish every moment with her. Even if she becomes cranky or doesnt feel good. I hope I helped and didnt overwhelm you. Good Luck! Prayers are with your family and your mother in law.

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Inoperable doesn't mean there's nothing that can be done (I'm considered inoperable, too, yet I'm still here, more than 5 years after dx). There is still radiation and chemo, your mom is only 60 and should be able to tolerate treatment well. Please, don't fall into the alt-therapy hole before you see what science has to offer ;) Best to your mom,


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I second what stayingcalm said about the fact that there are other, scientifically proven treatments available - radiation and multiple chemo choices. Beware of advice about alternative "medecines and procedures" even when offered by friends and family as some are dangerous and most do not meet minimal scientific standards.

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