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Surgery tomorrow...

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Hi everyone...

I had left a message under a previous discussion that I am having surgery tomorrow, but noticed it wasn't too obvious. So, anyhow, I am having surgery - my tumor appears to either be larger - maybe a higher grade - or there is a slight chance that it is necrosis. The surgeon says we won't really know until the test results come back. So, might get to have chemo and radiation later!

I really appreciate everyone on here and wanted to let people know and I am sure that I will feel a lot of the positive thoughts!

I will be on the computer as soon as I am able and will let everyone know how great I am!

Take care...

Michele S.

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Just saw your post. I lost my husband to lung cancer last March. But I usually check other sites and just noticed that you're having surgery tomorrow. Hope things go good. I'll say a prayer for you. Let us know how everything goes. "Carole"

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being a 4.5 year survivor I can tell you,the hardest is finding out,then the surgery,then it gets better and better every day and soon you find you are a survivor.
keep a positive attitude live each day and you will find in some regards it may be one of the best experiences you will hae.
you will get stronger relationships,deeper faith beliefs in your abilities.It all starts with the first step.
you will do fine
I found after quiting work and volunteer work, music was a huge impact.
you will find yours as well.One day at a time.

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Good luck Tommy bear!My thoughts and prayers are with you!You can do this!

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Good luck with your surgery, Hope you feel better after that God speed and we'll pray for your fast recovery and good results

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Good luck with your surgery. Will be sending positive thoughts to you today!

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Hi Michele. I've been off the boards for a few days. I pray the surgery will go well and your doctor will find the best case scenario for you to not require further treatment.

Please fill us in as soon as you can, and know we are cheering you on for a quick and speedy recovery!


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Good luck Michele

My husband got diagnosed with AA Grade 2 in December 2009 (32 yrs old at the time), had surgery Jan 2010. In Nov 2010, it started growing back...Please keep us posted, as your story is so similar to what my husband is going through right now...Thank you

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

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Good Luck. I will be praying for you!

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good luck !!!!! will add you to our prayers. my husband had surgery on Dec.30th 2010 and just finished with chemo and radiation he is doing well and we are thankful for everyday we have. stay positive and put your faith in God.

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