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Some folks have mentioned bouts of shingles during recovery - I'm starting to suspect we have a case also - sore throat, crusty rash on his chin and scalp and a stiff neck and sore lymph nodes. All on the left side (the side that didn't have cancer). Caused a fair amount of freaking out on my part and a sign of worry or two from Doug (significant, for him).

He sees his ENT on Wednesday for a check up and he doesn't have a primary care doctor, so I'm not sure whether we should wait or try to go to a clinic right now. It's been more than 72 hours since the onset of symptoms, so I don't think the antiviral will help, and his symptoms are not severe (as long as they are indeed from shingles - I'm still doing the Oh my God the cancer spread to his other tonsil somehow during treatment silent scream thing).

Experiences with shingles after radiation? Suggestions?

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My husband was diagnosed with shingles a week ago. He had what appeared to be blisters on his scalp on the right side only, They did spread alittle but dr. gave him some antivirals and they are clearing up and no longer itch. He had them for a couple of days before we were able to see the dr. He also has sore throat and mouth but that is from rads and chemo. Good luck to you and your husband. This is a shi--y thing to go through.

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stating we are at higher risk for shingles. So make sure you ask your general Practitioner if you should get the shot after treatment. I think you have to have had chicken Pox prior?

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Not post-radiation but we seem to have a fair amount of experience in my family.

I advise calling his oncologist. There are treatments that can greatly reduce the pain/effect of shinges. Secondly, having it anywhere on the face/head is very dangerous - the eyes can become involved.

Definitely call the doctor asap. At the very least, go to a walk-in although they may not treat someone under a cancer treatment plan.


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I had shingles some years back, mid body thorax one side as usual. Nasty thing. Felt like someone had skinned me alive. Doctors gave me pain pills and Calamine lotion. These days they give you Zoverax and that's usually it. After I saw Doctors back in 1985 for mine, I was not happy and had my first Naturopath experience out of desperation and a suggestion by a fellow traveller. I had relief in 24 hours, all significant sensation and pain gone 36 hours, all gone within 7 days.

The Virus involved (Herpes Zoster) is associated with you being run down, poorly nourished, and stressed. After Rads and Chemo - no surprises that it is a common after effect. This virus love Arginine and hates Lysine (these are amino acids we use) so here's what we did:

1. Immediately stopped eating foods that produce or a rich in Arginine :Red meats, all alcohol esp red wine, sugars (sweets, ice cream, cakes etc) and all acidic foods.
2. Took a hefty dose of L-Lysine supplement and ate Lysine rich foods ( All green leafy veges, root veges like turnips, parsnips, carrots, radishes)
3. Was given a couple of Homeopathic remedies (these are usually drops you carefully put under your tongue X times a day - to be be taken away from other most stuff including toothpaste).
3. Also advised to take Vit C and a Vit B complex.

I have since seen and advised perhaps 40-50 people with this condition over the years, some very serious like in the eyes, which can lead to blindness and terrible pain. Funny that the people who did not heed this advice either still have shingles (2-3 years duration) or suffered terribly for months on end. Some have sadly lost 40-60% of their vision and it looks permanent.

The ones I know who jumped on board and did the diet and supplements and Homeopathic remedies all recovered. Our Chairman had it in the eyes and had his drivers license removed due to his blindness. He took some time to get with the program but after he started, he made a 100% recovery but it took a couple of months for his sight to come back fully. Symptoms were relieve fairly quickly. His doctors were impressed but of course still poo pooed the idea that the diet etc had any affect.

One case I recall vividly was the wife of an old family Doctor who used to dine weekly at my parents restaurant. They ordered the same meals every Friday night for years. He would order 'Sole with lemon butter' and she would order 'Fillet steak with mushroom sauce'. He would have a glass of sweet white bubbly and she would have a glass of good Australian Cabernet Sauvignon (thats a big red wine). They would finish with a Creme DeMenthe Cheese cake. Why I recall it so well is because she had shingles for 3 years and bitched about it every week. I repeat, her husband was Doctor with over 50 years experience, still practicing in his 80's. Lovely people. Anyway, after 3 - 4 attempts at telling her to try the above, I gave up. It is incredibly frustrating know you could help her but instead i was forced to serve up more of the problem. A twisted irony indeed.

The bottom line is, there are some things that Doctors simple cannot treat, do not know how to treat, yet refuse to admit it, and worse - refuse to consider there are ways and things that do work. Alas the cross of the alternative therapists.

Sorry for the longish story but I sincerely hope this message hits the right note and you get not only relief but a 100% cure and recovery. The faster you react, the faster and better the response.


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