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April....where you at girl?

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Have not seen you around in a while. All going ok?
Think about you and Pat all the time.

Check in with us - we want to make sure you guys are doing ok, and miss your humor as you ride this Rollercoaster Beast....

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I've been thinking the same thing that it's been quite awhile since we've heard from April. Hope that's a good sign.
How are you doing? It seems like it takes forever to get back to feeling normal again. Although I don't think i'll ever be 100%! Tom & I always did everything together and now it seems like nothing is fun anymore.
I'm from Wisconsin so of course today is exciting cause the Packers play the Bears. I'll be with some friends watching the game, but it won't be the same without Tom there. He loved the Packers.
Well, take care. Hope we hear from April soon!! "Carole"

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I know what you mean about football. I didn't even watch the playoffs today. My husband and I used to spend our "football Sundays" together. Sometimes we'd go to a sports bar but most of the time we stayed at home and watched it on tv. It's just not the same without him.

I'm worried about April also. Maybe she's just worn out and needs a break. Let's hope that's all it is.


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Praying you and Pat are feelings God's warm love and peace.


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I've found a prayer sweet spot for you and Pat. Prayers unceasing for the gentle rustle of angel wings, in perfect time.

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You're in my thoughts. Let us know that you're okay.

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I'm really worried since we haven't heard from April. Wish someone would hear how things are going with her hubby. They say no news is good news, but I just have such a weird feeling. April please let us know what's going on!!! Carole

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While we seem to share almost anything on this board, there are some times we keep to ourselves - I'm getting the feeling that this is one of those times for April and Pat. Moments like these can last a lifetime - right now, I am hoping that each second is rich and wonderful for them. We can all only cry a little (OK, I'm crying a lot) and think of them.

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that she is getting to spend some quality time with Pat.

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luz del lago
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When my husband was in hospice there were some wonderful moments we shared together. I hope April and Pat are having those moments. I'm sure too that there are things that have to be done that none of us likes to do and April is having to take care of those as well. So many of us are losing our husbands right now. I grieve for all of us and pray that Pat and April will still have some quality time together.

((HUGS)) to all the caregivers out there.


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