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brenda 3_16

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Hi everyone
Have notposted in a long time. Brenda stated becomming jaundiced in November and December. She went to Sloan on 12/27 and had a stint placed in her liver to drain the fluid that is making her jaundice. Procedure went ok but she is still yellow and biliruben is still creeping up. It is around 25. She has a terrible pain near her grin (left side) and at this time she can not really walk. She has needed assistance getting to the bathroom and from the chair to the bed. She has an appt Wed. at Sloan and will be having a sacn at that time. She has no appetite but has gained about 12 pounds in water weight. Her feet and abdomenon were very swollen. She was put on a water pill which seems to have taken away the swelling of her feet but abdomonem is still very bloated. She rests mosts of the time, but has a hard time sleeping, Anyone that believes in the power of prayer please pray for Brenda and our whole family. Don't know what lies ahead; She is still doing chemo at this time.(Folfox) which is the one she was put on right after her diagnosis in 3/09. Xeloda seemed to work good for a long time after that. Then she was on to Folfori whihc did not seem to work. Now back on Fofox. Any ideas anyone?
I want to thank each and everyone of you for all your support. No one can quite understand unless you are going through it. Hugs to all of you.

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Keep hope and faith!
Give her a big hug!

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I'm so sorry things are not going better. I was hoping the Folfox and help of Sloan and the stint would start to turn thins around for Brenda. Talk to the docs at Sloan or your local onc about some pain management for Brenda. Talk to the doc about draining the fluid in her abdomen to give her some relief. Several on the board and blogs I follow have had this done as it is not an uncommon thing.

I'm so sorry your family is going through this. Brenda is far too young for this but hopefully her fighting spirit will help her turn things around.

Take care and know you are being thought of and prayed for constantly.

Hugs - Tina

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I pray that God be with you and Brenda in these days as she fights to return to health. I pray he wraps His arms around you and comforts you and gives the doctors who are treating Brenda the clarity and knowledge they need to do what's best for her. Definitely see about having her abdomen drained of the fluid, even if it builds backup, the relief is instant and multiple drainings can occur. Back in 2006 I was getting 4L of fluid drained off every week; what a tremendous relief that first drainage was!

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Sending prayers and good vibes your way. Tell Brenda we are all thinking about her and wishing her a speedy recovery. Take care


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. . . and sad for you and Brenda. This really breaks my heart. Hang in there.

many sparks,

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dear amy, goodluck with brendas treatments. i have had a different treatment except we have folfox in common. besides prayers all i could offer as advice is a smile and be positive in a gentle way brenda and possibly be positively pushy in a polite way with your doctors.
prayers for your family,

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Sending prayers Brenda's way

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Thank-you for the update. I have been thinking about Brenda a lot, wondering how she is. I am sorry it is so tough for her right now. I hope Brenda will soon find the right treatment which leads her back to better health.

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I am so sorry that Brenda is in such a difficult place right now. I know how hard it is on you and your family. I am holding all of you up in prayer. I pray things turn around.


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Hi, Amy.

I'm so sorry that Brenda's been having such a terrible time. I know it has to be agonizing for you to see.

I'm praying that she will soon feel some relief.


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You can bet I am and will continue to pray for Brenda. We exchanged a few PM's lately & it breaks my heart to hear that the bilirubin continues to go up.
Please keep us/me informed.

Hugs to you and Brenda-

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Sending prayers to you and Brenda. HUGS

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Praying for you and Brenda. I know what it is like to be in your shoes. I believe in prayers. I believe in miracles. Don't stop believing and know you are a blessing to Brenda.

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