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Feeling Alone

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Im 26 and live in Massachusetts. This site is great but it is hard to relate to many people on here as im so much younger than the majority of active members it seems. Ive been diagnosed with Large Diffuse B-Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 4. I have tumors in my liver, spine and sinuses. I am currently in treatment. R-Chop chemo. I am posting to see if maybe there is anyone else on here that maybe felt similar and would like some mutual support as i do.

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You are not alone, this site is wonderful because it is full of supportive people that can relate to your situation. I am 30 years old and had a second reoccurance of cancer. I was first diagnosed in January of 2008 when I had my appendix removed they found a tumor of cancer in my appendix. Unfortunately my appendix burst during the surgery. I ended up having to have another sugery in April of 2008 to have part of my colon removed to make sure it had not spread. Everything was good until I started having problems, December of this year there was a spot found below one of my kidneys. It was discovered that I had a reoccurance of the same appendix cancer I had before, it had seeded just below my kidney. I just had surgery on the 6th and had to have my whole kidney removed and part of my large and small intestine removed. I may be facing chemo treatment now, I will find out tomorrow when I see my cancer doctor. I know we are facing different types of cancer but please know you are supported. If you need to talk feel free to post here, trust me it is so comforting to know you are not alone and that there are people who can relate. I hope this helps you, I will be praying for you as well, prayer is a very powerful thing.


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I understand how hard it is. I try to talk to people in my life that don't have cancer and they sometimes don't even know how to listen. I'm told to handle my cancer differently, to stop research because it is going to scare me (that's a bunch of bull, we have to be our own advocates, we have to know who our enemy is so we can defeat it), and that I shouldn't be upset that I have cancer. It is hard to find someone to relate to. But believe me, the discussion boards are great.
I may not be the same gender, as young as you, or with the same cancer, but there is a lot that affects us very similar.
Just know that you are not alone in the battle you are fighting. Use the discussion boards to vent, for support, and to support others.
Being young with cancer is difficult, but we can help each other fight this war.

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Hey, I'm 23 and was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma last summer- my treatment only consisted of surgeries but I'm at high risk for it coming back so now I end up seeing doctors all the time it seems. If you ever want to chat or just feel like complaining a little I'm here- or more often on here: http://forums.stupidcancer.com/ my user name is Mishanne on both sites.


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I know how you feel even though I have family and friends I feel so alone going through this and wish I could find someone to talk to about the cancer. I just feel so alone its hard sometimes going from doctor to doctor and test to test and not knowing if tghe tumor is there or not it be nice to talk to someone about it well hang in there I understnad how you feel.


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I'm 20 and just had a bone marrow transplant. I am looking to talk to someone that "gets it." I try to relate everything I'm going through to my mom or friends. They're supportive but definitely don't actually understand. I would love to talk and help with the loneliness on both sides :)

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Have tried eveything, still in pain, still alone, and I used to say I was Superman(so full of it).

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I'm 18, and a freshman in college.  I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Nodular sclerosis Hodgkin's last January.  I finished treatment in August, and went to college for my first semester.  However, during Christmas they found out I had a recurrence, so I had to sit out this semester.  I just got home from the hospital after an auto BMT.  I agree that us younger ones don't post/comment as much as we should on this site.  But I've found it to be helpful to just read others stories; it is a reminder that I'm not the only teenage cancer fighter/survivor here.  There is so much support from unknown people; we understand what you are going through. The sun will shine again!

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this is something I wish I knew about when I was in the adult ward as a teen... and I still visit their website when I feel lonely :p

it sure isn't easy to have people around us that can atually relate to us and we can relate to that hasn't been through something alike... and not too many people are neighbors and happen to be teen cancer survivors either... but the teenage cancer trust does a pretty good job of supporting teens with cancer and even has a teen-ward!

the only con is that it is in the UK not the US :/ btu still very helpful!!! :D

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just to back up dragonG7, http://www.teenagecancertrust.org/ is great and i have been to a few of their conferences - really worth taking a look at the site x xx

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