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American Cancer Society Pamphlet called Breast Cancer

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I called the ACS for some questions I had and the wonderful lady emailed me a 114 page pamphlet called Breast Cancer. I found it to be the best one I have seen. It is very organized, has a wealth of information, organized well, and extremely easy to understand. It helps explain cancer, breast cancer, how its classified, all the types of breast cancer, treatments, etc. I highly reccomend calling the ACS to get this brochure!!!! I had a few other questions and boy, they have pamphlets for everything to help learn!!!

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did you go on web site or call some #?


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I called the 800 number on this site when I first got diagnosed and they sent me a huge book full of all kinds of information too. Everyone should call and get one.

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The information is available at the cancer.org website, but it was much easier when I called the 1-800-227-2345. Just tell the operator what information you are looking for. They will email you the information to look at or print out.

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