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Urological stint and ams800

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OK question for all you guys that have an 800 installed . Did you have to have or were you offered the chance to put a stint in the spincter to hold it open forever. Just curious as my Doc installed one in me for fear it would close down somewhere in the future . With the stint in place I will be incontinant forever Without the 800, but to me and my past history of going into complete closure it is worth the risk. I was either full tilt flow or get to the hospital emergency room to get relief. They put me on self cath and lo and behlod suddenly 2 months later i quit shutting down, that was in feb 2010. Got a ton a catheters in my closet lol. Finally changed Urologist at my GP's recommendation. He had another patient with a similar prob and this doctor had installed the 800 with great results. But the Doc warned me there was no turning back from the stint if it didnt work out i was going to be incontinent forever with no recourse. To me it was worth the risk and looks like its paying off as on 2 feb I will have the device installed. The incontinance was not somthing I could adapt to and I feel this doctor is saving my life but I'm just curious about the stint anyone else have one installed?

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Hi Guards,

I've had the AMS800 for 4 years (along with the AMS 700 penile implant)
No one ever mentioned a stint for the sphincter, but never had a problem with closure either.

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