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I Weep

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Sometimes I just weep. I sob my heart out for every bad news and turn. My soul hurts for those who suffer so much more then I. Sometimes, I cannot keep reading for the tears that well up in my eyes.
Sometimes, I cry, but I cry for joy. I laugh a hearty deep laugh, for those that have the most wondrous news,when a test shows negative, or no growth, or shrunken tumors, my joy knows no bounds.
Sometimes, I just have a sadness, wondering, will it work out for him/her? Will the tumor go away, will it stay? A sadness, at the wait, the wondering.
Sometimes, I have great hope, for the newest chemo, the newest chance at life that another gets. For the tumor in that brain, I have hope, it can be removed. For that possibility of another cancer, and it turns out to be a hangnail.
Yes, mostly I have hope, I have hope for everyone of us!!!! I won't give that up, I won't let the other "sometimes" overcome me so much that the hope disappears, NO.... HOPE, it springs eternal in me. And for each and everyone of us, that hope is there. No one can take it away.
I love you my friends.
Winter Marie.

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This is a lovely post to read first thing in the morning! Have a great day!

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Awww, Marie, what a beautiful post. You've put into lovely words what I feel as well, thank you. Hope - yes, it's what gets me through most days. Bless you, Cynthia

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tina dasilva
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Winter you a awesome person you give all of us hope and I love to read everything you post lots of love .Tina

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You made me weepy reading your post too. Yes, hope IS alive!


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Winter Marie....you have been through so much yourself....thank you for these lovely words....you are a sweetheart....


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Your words were just what I needed today. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs to you Winter Marie. Joyce

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Marie.....beautiful......from the heart and soul.....thank you......Love to you, Clift

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I love you! HUGS

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We love you, too! Thank you for such a beautiful post.


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Winter Marie,

That was a lovely post. You are such a caring person.

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thanks winter marie.
this is a touching post.
sending hopeful, positive prayers

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Everything you said is so beautiful and so heartfelt. Brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart and soul. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration. I always get that from you whether you know it or not. Now you do :)


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Heartfelt post.. Thanks for your lovely words..

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