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Anyone ever heard of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski in Houstin?

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Someone just told us we should consider going to this clinic in Houstin and I just wondered if anyone out there has ever heard of him. I checked him out online a little and it looks pretty interesting. Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski
Any thoughts?



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Go to the Colon Club, on 2/7 or thereabouts there was a thread on the Bryzynski Clinic. Put "Burzynski" in the search square and discussions on this board will come up.

Good Luck - Tina

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The Burzynski Clinic

More info:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Years ago, we called him "Dr. Pee". I'm really surprised he's lasted this long.

The idea that "purified urine" can cure anything isn't anything new,
by any means. In several Asian countries, drinking one's own urine
is believed to be beneficial to one's health, and can cure things
like cancer.

I peed in my pants, and still got colon cancer.... go figger..

Oh well.... the quest goes on..

I just can't figure out why a medical science over four thousand
years old, that's served billions upon billions of people successfully
and is still used today in Asian Hospitals, is set aside for.. what is it?
Purified Urine.... Apricot seeds, and oxygenated water... Magnets?

I must be tired, I'm typing cranky...

Best wishes for better health!


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May I suggest you do a quick read of the following:


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Thanks Marie, I'll check it out.

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ten minute video on this doctor/clinic....whether it is propaganda or not, you decide......

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