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Waiting and Waiting!

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Well, last week I went to SF and met with Dr. Munster. It was a long trip for a short visit, but I guess that is how you have to do it when you do trials. Instead of telling me they had a trial for me to start now, I was told about a new trial that isn't approved yet, but is supposed to be approved this next week. The research Dr. was excited about it for me as I guess the results in prior use, with Melanoma has been good and they have high hopes for it in colon cancer. I don't have a name or number to share with you, but had to have my tumor tested for a different mutation that I have to have to qualify. Anyway, it's been a long week of waiting and I should find out tomorrow if my tumor...qualifies. I know that if I don't get this trial, she said she has another for me in Feb., but this one sounded like the right one for me now! I'm trying not to be to anxious, but it is so hard. I have felt so good these last 5 weeks with no meds, but also a bit nervous as I am scared my tumors are growing while I "rest". Sorry this post is so negative, but everywhere else I feel like I have to be so positive. Thanks for letting me whine a bit! I will keep you posted! Jean

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Hi Jean,

Your post didn't come across to me as negative and, anyway, no apologizing for that!
Sorry you didn't get in on a trial today, but sounds like maybe this one you're talking about could be worth waiting for & it should be opening up very soon. When you find out the name of it and what kind of genetic test you had to do for it to see if you qualify, could you let me know? I might be interested in pursuing it, if it's right for me.
I know what you mean about being nervous wondering what's growing in you while you're getting to enjoy a break from the meds at the same time. Well, since there's nothing you can do about it at the moment, might as well enjoy the time off! Hope you're feeling good from the break & hope you find the right treatment soon.
You take care, Jean- I think of you often and always enjoy reading your updates.


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