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Deb, know your going through some tuff times right now and want you to know your being thought of. Wishing you the best..... Dan

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Thank you =) I have to say I'm feeling a little bit like Eeyore these days, only I've lost my optimism instead of my tail! I'm full of doom and gloom =( Had a couple of scans yesterday, not looking forward to the results. I'll get over it, though =)

Congratulations again on your remission, that cheered me up!

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I wish you all the best and hope your scans prove to be better than you expect. We need you around here for your excellent contributions and positive energy you impart.

As a side note, I finally started chemo on Wednesday after more biopsy's that did not produce enough tissue to get a specific sub-type. Anyway, the good news is after getting the steroids that accompany chemo, I hit 6 home runs on Wii Sport Baseball! Look out Yankees!

I wish you the best always and want so much for you to get some good news. You seem to be a fighter and in the short time I have known you through this forum, you have provided me with inspiration and information.


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I hope it is just your scanxity. I go for mine on Monday. Hope everything goes well for you.
Best Wishes.


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Not so good...):
I also am hoping it is scanxiety. Welcome to Medi Weekend...5pm Friday...Ignore young adults and do something for yourself, even if it is eating ice cream and reading novels. They can cook. Do this all day Saturday and Sunday. My indulgence is painting or cleaning. Usually it is both! hahaha. Remember this is January...the reason we love spring so much.
Now, Hop To It Girl!
Sending you happy thoughts, but you have to catch them!

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I hope you get good results from your scans. My husband has scans coming up after 1st line treatment and trying to ward off the doom and gloom. It's hard to constantly maintain optimism. Will think good thoughts for you!

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I hope you get good results from cyour scans! Still wish all of us could get together. Try to be like Tigger instead of Eeyore, cause he's happier. You've been through so darn much and I'm just praying that this can be a better year for you. Please let us know how your scans turn out. You're tough, so you better keep fighting! Carole

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Don't know about u, but it has taken me 42 years to figure out that I get depressed in january. And for most of those, I've had nothing to really be concerned about.... so u r way ahead of me!

People like u make things a whole lot better. Wishing u the ability to handle any news with thee same grace and dignity u have shown us on this board.


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Thinking of you and hoping all is going to be fine. We count on you for your level head and outstanding contributions to our group. Keep us posted.

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