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power port question

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Hello there,

My mum just put the power port in her body this morning and I wonder if she can use it immediately? or she has to wait till the wound is healed?

Does anyone of you have experience using it immediately?

Many thanks to your sharing.

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My sister-in-law is a chemo nurse. She told me when I had my power port put in that it would be good to leave it "accessed" + use it the next day. That is what hppened; I had the port put in, they left it accessed + I got chemo the next day. It worked well for me.

Posts: 457
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Dear Anne,

Thank you so so much!!!!! After the doctor put it in, they left immediately and I didn't have any chance to ask them if we can use it immediately.

My mum has severe diarrhea again, like last treatment! She has already changed from XELOX to FOLFOX but her diarrhea problem cannot be cured or stopped. She has severe stomach cramp follow by diarrhea whenever she drinks of eats. To stop the pain, she refuses to eat and drink in the last few days! I need that port to infuse nutrient fluid to her tomorrow morning.

I really appreciate your help all the time!
Take good care Anne!

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I had my power port implanated then had my first chemo infusion on the same day. Should not be a problem to use it immediately!


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