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cystic lesion

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Hi everyone, I'm normally over on the "Head and neck Board" posted this question there and then realized we had a separate forumn for thyroid cancer. So if you don't mind the visit and can offer any comments I would welcome them. thanks

(refers to my base of the tongue cancer)

I underwent my fifth CT scan post treatment yesterday and got the results today. I have some lung spots and those have remained unchanged now for over a year. The latest chink in the armour though is a "partially cystic lesion" 7X17mm of the thyroid. The report classifies it as stable and on comparison to last report states, "no change" My oncologist isn't concerned. Of course I am since it wasn't mentioned on the previous report but obviously they knew it was there. Oncolgist believes it is related to radiation treatment. My thyroid was damaged by the radiation and I am on thyroid medicine. Radiation really just keeps on giving! Just looking for anyone with a thyroid lesion and what your oncologist has stated about it's origin and future treatment. My ONCOMAN pretty much says it's nothing to worry about unless it changes?

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