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My new plan

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Hey Folks
I've spent a lot of time researching and deciding what I should do next. I chose what feels right for me. My choice is actually the most aggressive plan in front of me. I don't feel any more or less desperate having made this choice. I am currently on an intense pill regimen of natural supplements. 52 a day of a wide variety of stuff. I posted it on my blog.

Lots of you will think this is crackpot. Some of you may say right on. None of the trials I looked at offered much hope but many people have had success with this type of plan. THe one thing I have going for me is that I am still fairly strong. Instead of using that strength to survive more chemo that doesn't offer me much hope, I decided to build on it.

My biggest fear is that there is not enough time for the supplements to work.

Like my cancer dad Kerry said many months ago. You've got to pick a plan that works for you go for it.

Many Sparks,

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Here's how I see this if I may....

I think you're doing the right thing for yourself....I mean, I have just finished my 30th...yes 30th chemo in three years on Friday...I had a small spot removed from my lung in August....I asked my oncologist in September about needing chemo or not...of course the answer was yes...I asked whether 12 chemos was better than 10...she said "we don't know"...so I said, "well is six better than none"...she said "yes, I believe so"...

So I decided to do six (folfiri) this time instead of my usual 12....I've had it with chemo...maybe I will do it again, I just don't know right now...

I'm like you now...I do several supplements, vegetable juice, diet etc...trying to keep working although it's getting harder as my fatigue is getting the best of me to do an eight hour day...

I wish you well friend....let me know how you're doing....

Your friend in Pennsyvania.....

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As you know, I have followed your struggles, watched you and Kim get your hopes up only to be slapped down. For what it is worth, I think you are probably making the right decision for you. Chemo has now failed you, you went through hell and back with surgery and for that I am so sorry. I read the whole blog, and the one question I have is where did you come up with this stuff? Did you go to someone or someplace that recommended these supplements or did you and Kim just research and come up with it yourself? If you went to someone can I have the name? If you don't want to post the answers, send me a pm.

Loved the reference to snake oil. For those of you reading Roger's blog, make sure you press "read on" to get the whole list of stuff.

Do you get to eat any regular food or is it just the supplements because you really have a long list of stuff.

Wishing you, Kim and the whole family nothing but the best.

Hugs - Tina

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Thanks for sharing your plan with us. I want to wish you great success with this plan. If I may ask, how did you come up with this list? I loved the comment about snake oil. Many sparks to you, Kim + the family.

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I think your plan is a good plan:) You must do whatever you feel is the best option for you and I admire your strenght and wisdom to think outside the box. I've been doing TCM for about 2 months now and I really feel the difference in my enegry levels and overall feeling of being "healthy" with natural supplements. My blood work even looks good - Last month my platelets were in the low 80's just had bloodwork done last week and they are in the high 90's I have no explaination for it other than telling my acupunturist that they were low and her giving me supplements to help. Sending you my best wishes -Melissa

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I think it's a great plan! Chemo IS working for me but I don't want the crap in my life and I too am taking a different road..... because I WANT to....like you.... keep us updated on how things go. I see my new Naturopath very soon and I am very excited to get going...full force! Stand strong!!! Love ya Rog........


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Roger/Crow my friend...You & I joined up on this site in the same time period and over this past year I have grown to deeply respect you and your intelligence and compassion.I don't think for a minute that you would jump off out there and do anything rash. I'm sure you have researched this approach to the nth degree and so I say go for what you know is right for you and your situation.

I will be sending up massive sparks for you and Kim and the kids that this new plan works for you. I read your blog. I have one question. How do you go about measuring a sh*tload?
Kerry will probably answer that one...LOL.

Best wishes always.

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What you are doing is right for you and maybe and hopefully this will work and you can keep letting us know of your progress. Thanks for being such an inspiration on this board. Wishing you the best taking all those pills :) I'm supposing you need to take lots of water, of course. Looking forward to your results.


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I'm so glad you picked a plan that feels right for you, so now you can feel more peaceful. And I don't think it's ever a wrong choice to make your body as strong as ic can be!


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I am sure that you and your wife have done your homework on the supplements you have on your list. I certainly support your decision to do whatever feels best for you.

Don't let fear sit on your shoulder. You got to have that positive attitude that Kerry is always reminding us of.

As you take each supplement, just visualize that it is heading straight for those rogue cells and zapping the heck out of them!

Many sparks for you as you start this new treatment plan. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Hugs to you and the family,

Marie who loves kitties

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Good for you. I think you will find peace and feel good on your new protocol. I will keep you, Kim and your beautiful kids in my prayers.

I look forward to hearing good things from you.


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A crackpot??? No way!! I wish you much success with your new protocol. Each of us has to do what feels right to us and thats exactly what you should do....what feels right to you.
I made major diet changes and have been doing supplements since diagnosis...I dont know if that has helped keep my cancer at bay....but I do know that when I have a few days when I am not as diligent about my diet or skip some supplements I definitely I feel lousy.....so I say GO FOR IT !!!!


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option for many of us!.
I pray for it.

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Hi Roger,

You have to do what you feel is right. I am struggling with that a lot right now. I've looked into a few trials & I keep getting closed doors there- the most recent one out of Mayo that my onc was really interested in me doing turned out to be closed (the website wasn't updated). I've also taken many natural supplements & often wonder about all the chemo I've had and will have, if I continue the chemo route- how long can my body endure it? I've done well with it thus far and feel blessed for that, but wonder about what I should do. I will be checking out your blog, as I'm curious what you're taking.
Take care & keep us updated.


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You don't -have to- make a choice between standard western medicine
and an alternative, you can use them together.

Some of the alternatives are used to enhance the chemotherapy drugs,
and/or stifle the terrible side effects. Other alternatives may have been
found to kill cancer cells as well as any chemo!

Don't be afraid to do some research, and use what you feel is best
for you. By all means, don't feel you have to stop treatment to try
an alternative, or totally change paths overnight. The idea is to use
what will do the best for you, regardless of what any physician
might think.

Physicians are human, and can make mistakes in judgement.
And, are often too embedded in their practice to entertain any
alternative to it.

Be your own boss; make your own decisions, it's your life.

Best of health to all,


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I hope you get the strength from your new plan that you need to help you have good days. Everyone handles things differently and if this is the plan of action you chose to follow than that's what you have to do. Take care and God Bless. Margaret

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Hey Roger, just wondering, did your oncologist set you up with a naturopathic doctor? Our new oncologist at D.F. seems to be open to alternative medicine instead of simply using chemo. I was surprised by this, but maybe it's because she's Asian, or simply open-minded, but whatever the reason, she is sending Rick to a naturopathic doctor this coming Friday. We're told that the new doc will discuss a new diet, Chinese herbs, exercise, etc.. I'll post whatever this doctor tells us, so maybe this info. will help you and others as well. All my best, Cynthia

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Roger, Thumbs up buddy! I think Jim is going to be starting a bucket load of suppliments soon too. (He doesn't know it yet) I pray your body responds to these things very well. I will read your blog and keep watch. Will be interested to hear what Rick and Cynthia's Doctor has to say too. Sending prayers your way Crow.

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how do I find the blog?

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Nana2, to find the blog, click on Crow71 (Roger's avatar name). That will take you to his profile page & "blog" is one of the choices to click on across the top. I believe it's on the far right side on the top. Blog is an option, if members want to write anything there. I've never done it myself, yet anyhow.


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I think you are doing the exact right thing. I have heard of many people that have remained cancer free or cured their cancer completely by using supplements, herbs, juicing, etc.. I truly believe that it certainly can't hurt and may even cure a person. I, too, am researching other ways especially TCM. I just wish the oncologists would offer more feedback and advice regarding these other choices, but I know it is not in their best interest (or pocketbook). I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing how well you are doing.


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Wishing you huge good luck sparks!Sounds like you have a plan,
and sometimes that is the hardest part. Will be checking in on you...

Will be thinking of you!

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Paula G.
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Wishing you well. You have to go with what you feel is right for you. I wish you the best and will watch for updates. Paula

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keep us up on the progress.
rock on!

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hi roger,
godbless and goodluck.
read your history and blog.

yes we have dark humour in common.

faulty towers is the ultimate anti cancer treatment for me.

just take it in moderation, over dosing could be dangerous, you may die of laughter.

i have been reading love, medicine and miracles by bernie siegel. enjoying it.

as i am kind of positive i only buy books that backup my warped view.

i have found the book reassuring.

are you doing liver detox ? i think the active ingriendient is milk thistle



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Time is on your side for as long as you are breathing then you have time. Time to show this cancer that no matter what it has done to you in the past you are still in charge and that you still have options. You are a relatively young man with much to live for and I pray for you and all of my good friends on this site daily. I know that the road ahead is going to be filled with lots of challenges for all of us but together we can handle things as they come. People beat back stage 4 every single day and one day they will have it to where it's a cronic illness and we will all live long lives. I totally agree with you on doing the supplements as I know a person who was stage 4 and did supplements almost 4 years ago and has been cancer free since 2007. Now that I am done with my chemo I am about to do an 18 day flush with the same supplements that my friend did. If you would like to know which ones I am about to drop drop me a PM and I will get the info to you...

Bobby in Dallas

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I wish you the very best with your new plan. You have to do what feels right for you and if this is it then you have my support 100%. I don't consider myself on a suppliment plan per se but, I'm sure a lot of people would consider me on one as well. Go for it. HUGS

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