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Being Brave and sporting the short do'

KristynRuth86's picture
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Sooo I've been wearing wigs a while, but I decided to be brave and start wearing the short hair to work. What do y'all think? I kind of feel funny, and my boss keeps calling me Ellen, which I think Ellen is pretty.. but he doesn't seem like it's supposed to be a compliment LOL..

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Why wear wigs when your hair looks that good? You are lucky to have the kind of face/head that works with short hair. Have to wonder about your boss - just what is he hinting? Is he a jerk or just clueless?

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I love it! Your hair is fashionable & suit's you well! My hair was a mess for over eighth month's. I would go for my touch up's every four week's & it was shoulder length. When in treatment I would get snide comment's like your hair is three colours now etc. I chose to ignore. You look wonderfull!

KristynRuth86's picture
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Joined: Aug 2010

thank you miss rozaroo!! :D

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We are cute, sassy and pretty. Thankyouverymuch. ;-)

You look adorable!! You have beautiful cheekbones, and gorgeous eyes and the short hair just frames your gorgeousness! I have sported super short (like now), super long, and everything in between. Mine is as short as yours, but I'm not spiking it.

When I got it cut super duper short like ten years ago my boss said I looked like KD Lang. I didn't think he was funny. He later apologized. I don't like labeling people and stereotyping women with short hair. You can still be ultra feminine (if you want to be) and rock a short hair cut.

Enjoy your do, and own it! Looks great.


KristynRuth86's picture
Posts: 140
Joined: Aug 2010

Thank you DrMary and Sweet!! Y'all made me feel a million times better! :D ..I think my boss may just be clueless DrMary lol.. I dunno, he's a guy, they aren't very smart. Ha! JK! Sweet you are Cute sassy and pretty!! I love you girl! I always love what you have to say!!

sweetblood22's picture
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Thank you, my dear.

Some men (women too) just don't like short hair on women. They just don't think it's sexy or feminine if it's not long. My ex actually liked short hair better. After I left him I grew my hair out. Lol. I do like mine long but it's hard to make it look nice with my left arm. It's too hard to blow it out and flat iron it. My hair is wild and thick and wiry. Holding and trying to manipulate a 350degree iron with a spastic left arm resulted in a burnt ear and a burnt forehead.

I'll keep it short. At least for now anyway. :)

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LOL, could be a song....

Some women look good in short hair, others not so much. But that goes with long hair on guys as well....(in my opinion anyways).

I think you both look great with short hair.

I've been wearing mine short for years...:)

Some men don't have a clue, I'll agree...more than likely he was either trying to label the haircut, or thinks he is being funny....neither seems to be appropriate.

Best, John

kingcole42005's picture
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You look adorable! Your boss is an *** if he doesn't think calling you Ellen is a compliment. She is a strong, beautiful woman! Just like you! Shelly

Pumakitty's picture
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I think you look great. You have a stronger braver look now. I think it fits with the new you. Do not go back to the wig.


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...to be sporting that short do. It is a badge of honor you show every day for the war you have fought. Show everyone you are a fighter and a survivor. I think it is fabulous!!! I get it...we women hold power in our hair...your power is MORE than your hair!! Go girl!!

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Wish I looked that good in short hair!

I love it!

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Okay, time to chime in from the male side. I think you look great. As a clueless male, I am not much on fashion and hair styles, but you really look good this way and it is who you are right now. Be proud, be sassy.


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It looks great but I'm a little jealous.

Pam M's picture
Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

I think it looks great. Don't worry about your boss - Ellen has a contract to represent a makeup company, and folks to fix her hair for her - if he's comparing you to her, great - if he's trying to make a "gee, with that short hair, are you trying to look like that famous lesbian woman?" remark, whatever. Some men also feel threatened by a woman with unconventional hair. I was concerned about my hair looking unfeminine at first. It didn't take long for me to realize that (in my case) it looked better than before the cancer (it was long, but thin). Now, I think I'm keeping my hair about as short as yours - a little longer in the very back to cover my rads bald patch. When mine first came back, it naturally spiked all over - straight out - I liked the look, but it was really short. I think the "do" suits you. So, how are you doing at learning to squeeze out a small amount of shampoo in the shower? Even now, sometimes I'll squeeze out half a handful, and think "perfect, if I had somebody else in here with me".

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Hi KristynRuth,
I think your hair is GREAT. Short is so easy and really works for you. Some ladies just don't have the face for really short hair, but lucky you. So glad to hear that your feeling so much better.
peaceful healing
BTW as you can see, mine is super short too..

Dragons7-7-2010's picture
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If I had not seen you on here I would have thought that was a planned style. Very edgy and looks perfect with your face.

I am sporting the short look now and love it. Not the back so much cause I am bald on the back of my neck a bit higher than I like but hey that is the radiation that killed the cancer so I choose killing cancer over the hair.

I say go without the wig and if you excuse the language to hell what people think. Someone posted its your badge of honor and I say I agree it is a badge of honor to all head and neck survivors to show the world the hair sacrifice we had to make to conquer cancer.

Just my 2 cents.

~ Eileen

ekdennie's picture
Posts: 236
Joined: Aug 2010

Hey, I am loving the short hair! I would play it up with some fun earrings (i love long dangly earrings), and so what if your boss is saying rude or clueless things...you are hear and you are alive to hear those comments! you survived, you are surviving, and you are looking good! :)

sweetblood22's picture
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Joined: Jan 2010

I agree. I am happy I can finally wear ear rings again. For Xmas I treated myself to a long dangly pair of peacock feather ear rings. Love them.

adventurebob's picture
Posts: 690
Joined: Jun 2010

Not really sure what that comment could mean but you look good. You looked good before, during and now. You are a beautiful woman.


Hondo's picture
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Baby I think you look great

Posts: 665
Joined: Apr 2010

Love dangly earring's. Hubby bought me three large double sided tackle boxes to put mine in!
Call's me his seagull lol! If it's shiny I gotta have it lol!

D Lewis's picture
D Lewis
Posts: 1577
Joined: Jan 2010

I'm sporting the short 'do also. I was going to post an updated photo, and realized I didn't have one. I'm keeping this cut for a while. It's very stylish. Also, I get compliments on it.


JUDYV5's picture
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You look great. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.I plan on keeping my hair shorter then I used to. It is easier to take care of. I went a litle crazy on lots of new earrings. Your boss noticed that you changed your hair and thinks he is being funny. (Do you think he realized you were wearing a wig before??)

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