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Opinion on Counseling?

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Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if I should go to counseling? I feel as though I can get through this on my own but I am pregnant and due on my birthday June 19th so it will be very emotional, first time without my mom on my birthday and my first baby without my mom to hold my baby. Im nervous for when this time comes ill go into reverse and hit a depression and of course I dont want to do that. But part of me thinks that im aware of this so maybe I wont...

Basically, did anyone go to talk to someone and did you find that it helped?

Thank you

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I started attending couseling when my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. I am still currently going to the same counselor. Yes, I find it helpful. It is a place where you can let all the anger and sadness out and not be judged. I also started attending a support group specifically for young widows. Have only been to one session so far but seems like it should be helpful.

It might be worth a try, maybe a few sessions. If you don't feel it is helping, you don't have to continue.

Hope this helped a little.

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I think it would help you alot to go for counseling. I don't think I could've have gotten through everything when My husband died. My counselor was great and it's good to talk to someone who isn't related. You have to take care of yourself, especially with the baby on the way. Your mom would want you to move on ! I always feel that even when we lose someone we love, that they still watch down on us. Take care! Carole

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My therapist is a Godsend! I'm a pretty strong person emotionally, and work in the mental health field, but having a "fresh" set of eyes on my circumstances has helped me more than I can say. That, and some really good antidepressants. : )

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But not everyone may need it. You may want to check into a grief support group if you don't want to do one-on-one counseling. Having people to talk to that have experienced loss is very helpful. It's that "have walked in your shoes" thing. It does make a difference! And, it's just comforting to know that what your feeling and experiencing isn't bad, wrong or strange.

I'd give it a try and see what you think. You can always stop going if you feel it's not helping you.



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