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post-surgery thyroglobulin level

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I had a TT in November 2010 completed in two surgeries. The pathology report showed a 2cm nodule, encapsulated, papillary carcinoma-follicular variant.
I just received my thyroglobulin test results and it was .2 - the doctor is not recommending RAI. I don't want the cancer to come back....I want to do all I can to make sure it doesn't recur. THe doctor sensed my concern at my last appointment and did say he would give me a low dose of RAI if I wanted it. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance.

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Usually RAI following surgery for TT is standard. I also had a lymp node that was encapsulated, about 3 cm, had the RAI as standard follow-up to kill any remaining thyroid cells.

Seven years later, I've had three reoccurences of hurthle-cell thyroid cancer. You need to be thorough and on top of it. Thyroid cancer may seem like the "good kind", but no cancer is good and is unpredictable. I'd have it done for your own piece of mind and to know you've done all you can to treat your cancer. Don't let anyone fool you into believing you don't need it. I would be adamant with your doctor that you should have it.

BTW, I was also diagnosed with well-differentiated papillary cancer with follicular varient of hurthle cell. It seemed like a classic case until I had three reoccurences.

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Personaly and this is my opinion only

GET the Radioactive Iodine...

in Dec 2009 they found i had an enlarged thyroid but said it didn’t look like cancer so they wanted to wait by January 2010 it was large enough that it was starting to make it harder to breathe so they decided they would do a FNA and then surgery

FNA came back inconclusive but they were sure it couldn’t be cancer...

Prior to surgery they thought it was benign then I had surgery...

The lab showed that there was follicular cancer then the 2nd lab looked at it...

The 2nd lab found both follicular and papillary cancer both they think was in phase 1

They said I probably didn’t need the RAI but I told them I wanted it...
They told me ok but you’re probably going to get a Small dose then they did my pre-RAI scans

then they told me that they wanted to give me 175 mCi of I-131 and hospitalize me for a few days till my levels were safe for the general public

... You need to be your own advocate on this sure the RAI kicked me down and hard but I would do it again in a heartbeat to help prevent any chance of reoccurrence.

good luck and keep us informed


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