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Erbitux, 5fu, lv, & Irin

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Changing from Xeloda to 5fu, I am starting folfiri with 5fu & Erbitux on Wednesday after a port is put in, it is suggested by a second opinion (Dr. Lenz USC) that I have a double dose of Erbitux (500mg) once every 14 days with the chemo. My Onc wants me to do the protocol, Erbitux every 7. I can't decide what I should do yet. Any thoughts?

Also, I have had Erbitux for the last 3 weeks with another chemo I was doing and I have had side effects of teenage acne like breakouts all over face, chest, neck and back. Dr. prescribed clindamycin, helping but has a drying effect. I have used bag balm for years treating dryness, minor scrapes and such, I used bag balm to try and correct this, and to my surprise it is not working as well to treat the dryness. Hum, what to use? Any thoughts?

Thanks, Melissa

My DX-June 12th 2009
stage iv colon
met to liver Aug 09
possible lung Aug 09 (mets disappeared after chemo)
NED Sept 2010
mets to ovary's Nov 2010

Multiple surgery's colon, liver, ovary

Next chemo, as of Jan 19th will be #22

I guess I am on the long-term chemo plan, the alternative is not possible since I still want to live and thrive and be alive. :)

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Not sure of the chemo you will be on but only the 5FU. There are others on this board that have been on those chemos and will chime in. Also, others on here that have been on long term maintenance. Good luck on your treatment.


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Thanks Kim,
I am hopeful to get some good feedback.

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Hi Melissa-

My hubby is on the same chemo schedule as you I think. He goes into the hospital the 1st and 3rd week for his three day infusion of erbitux, 5fl, lv, etc... Then on the 2nd and 4th week, he does a half day of infusion with erbitux only. However, we found out recently that the lesions in his liver has stop responding to the erbitux. As you described, he had really bad acne the first six weeks but it is getting better. We tried everything for the itching but we found what works best was Benadryl.

Hang in there! The itching and acne will go away... I promise. My hubby is so handsome now even with all his imperfections since chemo. I am sure your family will tell you the same. I tell you, the chemo does rob you of your dignity.

Kim L.

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