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Do you know what this means

shy violet
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My first post...i am a 2x breast cancer survivor, my mom died of ovarian/cervical cancer. My daughter is having many issues, all symptoms of pregnancy, miscarriage, back to pregnancy. Doctors will not take her seriously, one er dr did some scraping and said she miscarried...she now has implantation bleeding symptoms again...anyway she had a vaginal ultrasound...does anyone know or had experience with the ultrasound tech marking an area with an x and putting "on ut" on the bottom?

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Double Whammy
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This is the best explanation I could find: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071019155633AA1LttD

Sounds like the x is used to mark the uterus. I bet the "on ut" is just a descriptor for the x. Of course, I know nothing, and your daughter should ask her doctor if she's concerned. Hope she's doing well.

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