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SweetVickiD... hope all went well for your Mom today

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Please let us know one way or the other once you get a chance, ok?


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No bone mets! It looks like Bolivar hospital doesn't know how to read an xray. They finally sent the oncologist a copy of the xray, after Mom had a CT and a bone scan. The oncologist couldn't see any lytic lesions. He even had the radiologist at St. Johns look at it and he couldn't see any. I am so aggravated I may write Bolivar Hospital and very stern letter.

Every time we have dealt with them they have screwed up. Mom has promised me that they won't go there anymore even tho they are closer than Springfield.

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Some GOOD news for a change! I'm glad the oncologist and radiologist gave you and your mom such good news.

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Great news! And, thank you again Vicki for attending the service and for sending the flowers for Moopy.

Hugs, Leeza

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Christmas Girl
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Glad & relieved for your Mom, and you!

Kind regards, Susan

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Oh now that is indeed fantastic news, happy for your mom and you! Thanks for bringing us up to speed! Doing a little happy dance for ya!


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It's a shame that you and mom had to stress about this but the news couldn't be better. Yes, I, too, think another hospital is in order. So happy for you both!

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I know this is an outdated post, but I came upon it while Googling "lytic lesions".
My mom, who is an 11 year StageIII breast cancer survivor went to the ER last week for severe shoulder pain and clavicle swelling. Though her blood and xrays were normal, the doctor worried about her previous history or BC and ordered a CT scan. The scan shows 3 lytic lesions that the radiologist considers suspicious for mets or myeloma or "other?". We are gutted!

The onc has set up an ultrasound for tomorrow which is a prerequisite for the biopsy and also has a bone scan set up for next week. He gave no information or opinion today as he had not yet seen the actual CT images himself. He was going to look at them later today or tomorrow but basically said all he has to go on is what the report says until he sees otherwise. We are hoping that the small-town hospital radiologist is mistaken, but afraid to hold out too much hope for that.

Were your mother's scan reports also suggesting lytic lesions or just the xray? My mom's xray was clear. This is so confusing :(

I would appreciate any experiences regarding lytic lesions on CT scans while we wait for an "official" diagnosis...

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Although I'm sorry you and your mom had to go through that worry for nothing - UGH!

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I agree--it sucks that you and your mom had to go through all that worry. But, in the end, it's all good news.

Hugs, Renee

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No bone mets! WOOT WOOT!

And, thank you again for all that you have done for Joe and Moopy and for us, your pink sisters. You are the best!


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about your Mom but gald the news was good in the end.


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It turned out good! Very happy to read this good news.

Big congrats to your Mom!

And, thanks for sending flowers and attending Moopy's memorial service.

Hugs, Angie

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tho it took some effort to get it! Sounds like a Hospital I would not be going back to, our health is far too important -- to be treated like an after thought.

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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Very happy about the clean scan. And, thanks too for all you've done for Lisa.

Hugs, Diane

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If it isn't waiting, it is worrying we do over tests. Wonderful news! This is exactly what I have been praying for!

Praying for continued good health and good results for your Mother.

Sue :)

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Much appreciated. MOm only went to the Bolivar hospital because she had fell and it was the closest. I am very angry at them because they really stressed her out. She was so afraid that she wouldn't be around to take care of Daddy even tho I kept assuring her that Beth and I were there for her and Daddy.

Once I am calm I will be writting them a letter. This is the same hospital who almost let my niece bleed to death. Their only excuse was that the nurse assigned to her was busy and the other nurses (who were sitting around on their butts) didn't have to see to her. I still think my niece should have sued them and so did her Dr. But she was so broken up about losing the baby she just wanted to put it all behind her.

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Alexis F
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You know you've always got our support. Happy for your mom's good news.

Thanks for the beautiful flowers for Moopy and for going to the service.


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I can only imagine the relief you must be feeling! Isn't that wonderful news... I guess I would be writing a letter myself... and I must say it wouldn't be very polite..lol


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I totally understand your going to the closest hospital. There's a very small hospital close to us that we said we would never go to. Guess what, we have gone there. Sometimes when it is an emergency and you don't feel you have time to go a long ways, you go where it is closest.

All that matters now is your Mom got really great news.

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Just the news that we all were waiting for. Congrats!

Hugs, Debby

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Glad you had such great news. Hooray, Hooray! This is just the best.

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Thank you so much Vicki for going to Moopy's service and for the beautiful angel with flowers from all of us.

I hope you write a stern letter to that hospital.

Take care,


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