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Has anyone ever had any odd pains a couple of months after initial chemo ended?

hopeful girl 1
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On and off over the last year, I had odd little pains that came and went.
Mostly from surgery and chemo of course. My last chemo was Nov 2nd. I was uterine 3C.

Lately I have started having some discomfort under my right breast, don't know if under the bone or what and sometimes seems to go around to the back shoulder blade.
I am hoping this is nothing.

I do wear a bra with the wire where it hits kind of in that area, and it is too tight, and I need some new ones-so I don't know if it could be that-but it bothers me even when not wearing it.

Did anyone else experience anything like this? I am hoping it is just some wierd left over chemo thing that will disappear.

I will of course ask my doc when I see him for three month follow up in February. I am wondering if I should call about it now?

Or if I should just make an appt for an annual physical with my internist and mention it.
I guess I can't help but worry if it could be the cancer spreading already.

I have that thyroid issue, for which I am having the 2 nodules biopsied this coming Friday-I mentioned the pain to the thyroid surgeon, and as nice as he was he just brushed it off-said has nothing to do with thyroid.

Hugs to all,

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Sorry you're having the strange feelings. I finished my chemo in July and by December I was having lower back issues with pain. Spoke with my doc when I had an appt 2 months later. He told me my CA125 figure is right where it should be (we can follow this on me, as many can't) and IT'S NOT CANCER. Told me I'm just getting old and most likely arthritis. After much reading, I've read many, many of us with treatments do have lots of after treatments symptoms which can last for many, many years.

Also had appt with radiation oncol and he told me to let the pain go for a year and if still bothers me, to see him....he'll make decision at that time. Again reiterated what my oncolog chemo doc told me -- NOT CANCER, SO NOT WORRIED.

I do believe we know our bodies best, therefore, if you feel something strange that's not right, go see your doc. If you've spoken to your oncologist and he's not concerned, then get to your PCP. This way you can reassure yourself all is well.

BTW good luck with your biopsy this Friday. Be strong and know this is part of what we as cancer patients will always endure.

(((( hugs ))))

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for over a year post treatment i had all sorts of aches and pains that came and went. some of my stomach pains were actually due to the meds i was on (dilaudid). i seem to feel everything, and still have vague pains that come and go. adhesions can be a problem after surgery, and all kinds of miscellaneous things. i still would have the pains checked out, which i did, and it was never cancer. even thought i had an uterine tract infection, turned out to be irritated urethra due to dryness from menopause. and so it goes.....


hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

I did speak to my oncologist's nurse, who spoke to my oncologist. He ordered a mammogram for me which I had today. It came out normal! YAH!!!!!

I was so relieved about that.

Hugs and serenity to you,

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