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I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation

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I see that someone else posted about this org within a thread, but thought it deserved its own; www.stupidcancer.com (a GREAT url, imo!). I found out about it from a friend who works for the ACS and think it looks great. I'm a tad past 40 but intend to check out some of their resources and events b/c I'm too young to be in an 'adult' group. Hope you all find it helpful!

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Yup, definitely a great organization. I am actually much more active on their forum (forums.stupidcancer.com) They have a lot of great resources and event. Coming up in April is their annual OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults (omgsummit.org/2011) and I even started their San Diego chapter. Their aim is to make sure we, as young adults, have access to all the resources out there for us and to create a meaningful survivorship by getting busy and living and creating communities which take a more social, non clinical approach to support groups. One of their big things are Stupid Cancer Happy Hours, it's not about the drinking it's about the camaraderie and being in the company of people who get "IT"

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Thank you very much for posting about this website. My fiance got banned from this site because she is only 17, and I'm sure that one will be of great help to her.

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