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Any of you know anything about MDS??

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Hi Tom,

Please bear in mind that I have no medical training and no personel experience but know that one of the causes of MDS can be chemo with drugs such as cytoxin, which gets into your DNA affecting your bone marrow production.

I have had cytoxin twice, once for breat cancer and most recently as a part of RCHOP for Lymphoma. My Onc has said I am at an increased risk for AML because of this and that MDS can be a precurser to AML.

If you go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society wed page they should have lots of current information. I hope Tom that this is not something you are currently facing.


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im trying to get a stem cell transplant for recurrenct hodgkins.had the bone marrow biopsy done and it came back irregular and with the possibility of having mds.i get another biopsy this wednesday as they want to see if it was chemo that caused the test to read the way it did

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