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Status of My Dad

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Hi All,

To update you...my dad was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. They ended up putting a filter in his leg because one of the doctors thought he saw some very small what he thought was residual stuff/clot (not sure what the medical term is) from his major clot that happened back in April/May. Originally they weren't going to do that, but decided to go ahead. Better safe than sorry. So, they took him off his coumadin and some other drug he was on.

His hemoglobin is back up to around 11. So...hopefully it will stay that way. He goes back to the oncologist next week to check his blood work and discuss possible radiation. Not sure why it's taking them so long to decide on whether or not to do it.

As for his arm and the MRI, he couldn't handle it AGAIN. So...the doctor decided to do a PET scan instead, which apparently won't take as long. He's going to have that done sometime early next week. As far as future chemo treatments and whether or not he will be able to have them, that wasn't discussed yet. Time will tell I guess.

So...they came out of that fire OK. Please pray that this won't be the start of "normal" in his journey. At some point, it may well be, but none of us are ready to handle that yet.

Thank you for your continued prayers. They mean the world to me! :)


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Hi Sally,

so glad your Dad is home. It's so good to spend our time there instead of hospitals. Sorry they weren't able to MRI his arm. Testing takes so long. I want to know instantly answers to my problem. There was a time, test were done immetately. Those days are gone.
Four years ago, I had a non emergency medical problem that required surgery. I was in so much discomfort and pain that when the dr. said surgery, I was happy. When they said two weeks away, I couldn't beleive it. They said I could work until then. Ha! I thought they were crazy and told them so, so they agreed to take me out of work and put me on pain meds. It seems easy for dr's to make us wait, but we do learn a lesson in patience.

Your dad is in my prayers,

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Well, the saga continues with my dad and his pain. He went again for the forth time to try a PET scan. Whatever position they put him in triggers some nerve from his shoulder to his neck and he has major spasms in his arm. So...needless to say, he has yet to get it done.

He goes later today to see the radiologist and a pain doctor who will probably order a PET scan under anaesthesia. You'd think they would have tried that like two or three tries ago?!

My dad is miserable, but doesn't complain. But he hasn't been sleeping well and as most of us know, being in pain effects everything else...so, he hasn't been eating that well, et. I feel for him and hope they can figure out what the heck is going on.

I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the continued prayers!


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Tina Blondek
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Hello Sally and dad and family
Thank you for his recent update. Gee Whiz!!! Poor dad. Have you ever thought of bringing him somewhere else for his treatments? Somewhere that might treat him in a different way? He has been through the wringer and back again now. He should have been put to sleep for his pet scan or mri the first time. I do not get it. Right now is quality of life is non existent! I will pray for all of you that this gets resolved. Talk to you again soon. Hugs.
Tina in Va

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