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Clear SCAN and no more chemo

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I recently had an appointment with my oncologist. Even though I had two more rounds of chemo scheduled, she decided I was done. Then I had a CAT scan and it was clear. Perhaps I am finally done???? Two surgeries, 30 months of on again off again Chemo and just maybe I beat the cancer.

Wish me well. I am elated and hope that my future scans remain clear. I guess it is a 2-year mark from surgery before I will be considered really done. June 11, 2012 cannot come soon enough.

To those still in the fight, I wish you well and assure you there is always hope.



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right on, good luck i am happy for u, u have come a long way.


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Alright Mike what a feeling it must be to be free from treatment. Time to enjoy your life!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nana b
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That is awesome!! Hope thet did a Pet scan!

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I am so happy to hear such wonderful news! It must feel fantastic to be finished chemo.

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That is just wonderful, I know you are so excited, and you should be, you fought a great fight my friend....Stay strong and I will keep you in my prayers..


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What wonderful news. You should be elated. Hope all continues to go well for you and glad that you are done with the chemo. That is a celebration too.


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I remember when you came in here...about the same time as VickiCo, and Mike49, and I was right before. You have been through a grueling journey with this mess...I hope that your ride is over. I also wish for you peace, and a life of love with your spouse...You have come through a terrible journey not completely unscathed but still standing tall, and I applaud your fight and battle won with this. You certainly deserve it my friend...remember the rope......Love to you and yours.......Clift

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Hey, Mike!

I was just thinking today that I was going to send you a PM, because we hadn't heard anything in a long time. And now you're here with this GREAT news! That is so fabulous!!!I'm very happy for you, my friend.

Make sure you stop by once in awhile to let us know about you.


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I'm very happy to here this, for you and family. It makes me happy to know that it can be done. I'm also waiting on the follow up ct scan results. Hope I have good news. Enjoy, and God Bless.

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such good news Mike.....congrats


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congratulations Mike!

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Good news my friend. You and I joined this "club" at the same time. I, too, have been declared finished - clear scans, level CEA. There is much to rejoice.

Many hugs, Vicki

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Whoo hooo, now thats something to be proud off... Take care.. Petrina

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Hi Mike,

I'm very glad for you to hear this! You, go, man!

Take care,

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