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Time to change the photo

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I thought it was time to update my picture to reflect reality - Doug's picture of us just after he won the championship is still the one he uses to post (on the H&N board). There's a good bit of weight change - he lost 35 lbs and I gained about 5. He is winning the race - he was trying to get from 140 to 155 before I could get down from 165 to 155. He has 4 or so more to gain and I have 7 to lose.

I uploaded it and was going to say something, but it took a while to show up. The photo was from Doug's black tie event for work about a week ago - my daughters made me buy a new dress and my youngest did my make-up. Doug's tux is one we bought at a tag sale 30 years back - it was vintage then (20's?) and Doug just fit into it. Now it's loose.

I'll let you know who wins, but this is one contest I won't mind losing. We will still celebrate at whatever weight we both weigh when we cross over; after that, we'll be celebrating the gap as he gains and I (we hope) lose. Every day, another little victory. . .

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luz del lago
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Beautiful picture, DrMary!

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