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Doc Appt Today

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Today was the appt for the the colposcopy procedure, due to issues with PAP. He showed me the Pap report, and nothing really stood out that said CANCER, but path mentioned some minor sighting and suggested to check. Okay well doc did the procedure and explained during the whole process. He inserted 2 different kinds of chemicals which will change the area, showing possible issues. Both chemicals showed no changes, therefore, no pathology needed...yeah! He suggested I have another PAP done in 6 months or earlier. Since I'm going to my oncologist for my 4-month checkup next month, he'll do the PAP.

I know it's best to be safe, vs. sorry, but gosh the emotions that hit when the doc calls out of the clear blue with some "unknown" issues on exam or test. Enough to throw me over the edge.

This was the 3rd issue with a doc finding something on a scan or test, which required me to go back in for a higher level test to confirm the suspicious mark. Okay I'm not complaining as glad all is well, but gosh it's frustrating. I know this doc I saw today was the first one who caught my cancer and basically HE SAVED MY LIFE!!

I'm happy all has come out great, but at times I wish my list of docs was diminishing...instead mine is increasing.....boohoo!!

Here's to good health ladies~~

hopeful girl 1
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I am so happy for you, that results are ok, and that you just need to return for another pap. Best to keep an eye and be cautious, much as it causes us worry.

I can relate as I have had similiar scares pop up in my journey. After my second surgery I was called on the phone by hospital and asked how I was feeling because my bloodwork had shown a strange bacterial infection-and since I was feeling fine and no fever, they determined test must have been an error. During chemo, I was sent to have two skin moles looked at and biopsied-the derm acted highly concerned, took photos and zoomed in and acted very much like they were serious-I had to await biopsy results-and they were negative. Now I have the thyroid nodules to deal with-which I will have the biopsy next week on Jan 21-but doc does not think he sees anything indicative of cancer-like calfications or oddities from the results of the ultrasound.

So, we worry-but maybe these worries remind us of just how lucky we are----to have made it this far, and still be ok. It is hard to remain calm with these scares, as it is enough worry to try to maintain, just knowing that cancer can return at any time, or not.....

Peace, hugs and happiness for you this week-end.


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I'm right next to you in thinking....worries remind us of just how lucky we are. My will is very strong to do what my mind tells me, so when I fail I'm down in the dumps. Am getting better, but know cancer will always be part of my life, even if NED. Always reminded by these type of doc appts and more testing to confirm NED.

So happy your appt with thyroid doc turned out in your favor....great! Just add another doc to your phone directory....heehee!!!

Thanks again for your support and keep us posted on your biopsy. My gut feeling -- YOU'LL COME OUT WITH FLYING COLORS...it's in the air for positive results!


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Jan, am so glad that your test did not require further tests (isn't that how it usually goes...one thing leads to another?)

Now you can focus on other things....like dancing, and exercising, and having fun, even as you keep a vigilant eye out!

Sooooo happy for you!


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You're such a sweetie trying to keep track of all of us.

Now I can continue planning our vacation trip to Florida in March. Boy do I need time away from the crazies of every day life.

Take care of yourself,

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sounds like you had good news...yeah!!! sooo glad for you!!!

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Jan, I am so happy that you got good news! Do you ever find yourself always getting nervous when the phone rings? Its terrible! We have to desensitize ourselves to that! Anyway, go with the good news and have fun in Florida. You sure can use it!


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Hi Jan,
You are always so supportive to each of us. I just am soooooooooo happy for you. It is about time you get a break even though it took so long for you. I think that 2011 is starting out good for you!I wish that it didn't have to be so frightening and frustrating. I agree with you that the list of docs that we see keeps getting longer and longer. We all need personal secretaries to help us keep all of our schedules straight!
All I can say is thanks for sharing such great news with all of us.
Heres to good health to all of us too!!!

Always Hopeful
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How wonderful to hear! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Peace and hope, JJ

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I'm very happy for you, Jan. Enjoy some time NOT being a cancer patient. :):)

Mary Ann

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