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Those darn Dutch are sooooo smart.....

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"If by breast exam, abnormalities are found but subsequently found to be false, women will suffer from fear, which affects their quality of life negatively for a year. In women which breast cancer has been diagnosed, their uncertainty last much less long. This came from a research project of the university and hospitals in The Netherlands."

DUHHHHHHHHH! Who would have EVER thought such a thing??? And it took formal RESEARCH to find it????? Why not just ask US?????

(Can I come back to America, where the healthcare is expensive and in some cases nonexistent, but the research is a bit more on track?????)

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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OK I am a marketing research specialist (amongst other talents; I am a consultant). They are not comparing apples to apples here - they are reporting on FEAR when abnormalities are false, + UNCERTAINITY when they diagnosed. They are two diiferent things, often related but not equal. You can be fearful without uncertainty + uncertain without fear. for example, I am uncertain what time the snowstorm is going to hit, but I am not fearful. Either this research has been reported poorly or was designed with poor questions. They probably did ask patients, just didn't do a good job of it IMO. When I read your post + it said how smart the Dutch were, I was ready to say it must have been the result after the Canadians participated in the liberation of Holland during WWII!lol- I won't make that claim now.

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....or a bad job of newspaper reporting....

Dutch hugs (lol), Kathi

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they are some of the most cleaver and ingenious people in the world, hard working people and good businessmen ! .May be too good businessmen just ask to the Spanish Crown from 14 th to 18 th century! hahahaha!.
zie je later!.

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