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Ionised Alkaline Water

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After talking to some parents of ALL patients, I was quite surprised that they have been giving Ionised Alkaline Water to their children throughout the treatment.
They claimed that the water is beneficial to their health.
Has anybody in this forum been using it? Could you please share?

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Hi my mom has AML leukemia with signs of All as well. She has been drinking Alkaline water now because she has heard the same - she just went for a bone marrow transplant yesterday and we are praying it works. I would definitely use that water there is a lot of research backing it up. I know anthony robbins talks about it and other people in thehealth field. Give it a try... it can only help. Good luck


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This is really a conversation that a patient should have with their medical team. I did not personally bring this up with my OC, but if I was under treatment and wanted to use ionized water I would have asked first before trying.

Sometimes small things can have an unknown impact or interaction with the drugs or treatment protocol that is being followed. Anything that might impact that should be discussed with your medical profession. My OC was adamant that I did not use any supplements while undergoing treatment, not because he didn't like supplements, it was that there was a lack of information of any potential issues with my protocol. Sometimes there are specific elements that can decrease the drugs effectiveness, though we might think otherwise.

I know some of my drugs were different then those used for ALL, but keep in mind that the level of dose is also carefully measured as part of any protocol. If the doctor says it's ok for you, have at it, but please do not add anything without discussing the potential risks with your OC - the consequences are just too great.

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For putting up this site and potentially helping someone who might be prayed upon due to needing hope. I am newly diagnosed AML and I want to believe it all.

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