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Thinking of you.

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Me too, Brenda, if you're reading this!

To others... I heard from Brenda about a week ago. She has taken this month off from teaching (I don't know how she does it). She's still doing Folfox and recently had a stent put in her liver to help with drainage. Her skin and whites of eyes are very yellow and so she is hopeful that the stent will help lessen that and reduce the high bilirubin count, which I guess is what causes the jaundice/yellowing. Her sister and mom are a good support and help to her.

Thinking of you, Brenda... and praying hard for you too!


Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

Thanks for the update, Lisa. Brenda has been on my mind a lot. I hope the stent will happen. Brenda, you are amazing; I don't know how you have worked full + done so many other activities while on treatment.

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