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Scans today

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Hi Everyone,

The house is quiet and before I wake everyone up, I wanted to let you know Dick has 2 scans today. He has his 3 month CAT and also a brain MRI. The FAA says they need a clear brain scan in order to give him his Medical Certificate to fly again. He has not worked in 2 years since he is an airline pilot.

I feel like the outcome of these scans is so huge. Either the cancer is back or our life will start to look normal soon. AH....... Trying to find peace.

We also think Dick has a hernia (the onc thinks so too). I just hope that is all it is. His stomach does look wierd.

Please hold our family in your prayers.



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oh Kathleen I am hoping these scans will go so well.....what a a big difference that would make to both you and Dick

all the best


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Wishing you nothing but the very best outcome for the scans.

You say Dick's stomach looks wierd, so does George's. George does have a hernia but we are doing nothing about it since it doesn't cause any problems and he is on active treatment. I asked if he should wear a band or something and was told no, not necessary.

Take care and let us know what the scans say.

Hugs - Tina

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Prayers for that!

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Praying that not only are the results of the scans AOK, but that you and your family can begin that BETTER normal.

Hugs to you all,

Marie who loves kitties

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Kathleen, you and Dick are in my prayers - we will be waiting to hear good news about his scans. Thinking of you, hugs, Joyce

Fight for my love
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Hi Kathleen,you and your family are in my prayers,hope for the best for you and your family.

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Hi Kathleen, Our best wishes and prayers are being sent your way for a clear scan. Hugs, Cynthia and Rick

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Kerry S
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I know how much Dick wants back in the cockpit. Back in the 70s I worked for an apparel mfg company. We had at that time a king air, 14 pass turbo prop they called the sewer pipe, and a DH 6 pass jet. I had hitchhike rights on all of them. The pilots were my friends so when we were up, they would let me sit in the copilots seat. Best damn view in the plane.

I did shake up an HR jerk once when I screwed with the trim controls. Yep, did put that jet up on her side for a little bit. The VP of the company was also on the trip thought it was funny and trumped the HR jerk. Hell, I readjusted the trim and brought her back to level flight.

It was wonderful as I could leave STL in the am, fly to back woods Georgia, do what I needed to do with the computer or telephone system then fly back home for dinner. They had back then 65 plant locations in the US. Today none.

Good vibes for clear scans heading your way.

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Warm thoughts for Dick's scans are heading your way. I hope the results will pave the way for Dick to get back in the "Driver's seat".

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Since (if I'm following) there isn't any reason to suspect brain cancer other than some FAA bureaucratic paranoia, I will predict that the MRI will give a clean bill of health, and all will be well.


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You got it. Hoping and praying that all goes well with the scans.


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Sending a few your way for beautiful scans.
Winter Marie

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These scans, and what they can mean, can wreak such havoc with our lives. Hang in there.

all the best, Leslie

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Holding you, Dick, your family in the Light. Hoping for clear scans for your Husband.

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I am praying that all scans are clear and that you all can get back to your lives as soon as possible.


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