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Melatonin Tablets.... Do they really work?

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Anyone know about Melatonin tablets? Do they really relieve stress and help you sleep? I had been reading up on them and then I heard Oprah say she takes them when she can't sleep. I just got some 3mg tabs but not sure how many to take...or when to take..timewise...like right before bed..an hour before bed???? Who has the low down on these?????? Thank you.....


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I've never taken those, but when Bill was so sick, I couldn't sleep at all, and a friend suggested Valerian. It's a root, and you can buy it cheaply at places like Wal-Mart. It helped a lot, and I had no side effects.


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Hi Jennie,

I have taken melatonin 2 times in the past two weeks. My schedule was all messed up from Christmas vacation (going to bed at midnight) and since I have to get up at 5:30am for work I needed to get to sleep. I took them as I got in bed and I was asleep within 15 minutes. The only thing I noticed is I had very vivid (not scary) dreams.

I have also given them to our teenager a few times and they work fine. No problem.


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I used to do those many, many years ago. Took them about an hour before bed and if I remember rightly they did put me right into snooze land. I don't remember why I quit taking them, unless I had started sleeping good after that. Sorry, not too informative as like I said it's been a long time since I took them, but I do remember them working.

Winter Marie

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A 9-hour time difference tends to mess me up, especially when I am returning to America. It's a 10-hour-plus day flight, so I can't sleep on the plane and adjust, like I can on the way to Holland...

I take them as suggested on the bottle. Without looking, I think it's about and hour before the time I want to 'reset my clock' to sleep. I don't use it every time, just when ignoring it doesn't make it better after a few days of powering thru...

Hugs, Kathi

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Nana b
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Tyleniol pm works for me. Niacin works for stress but you get that red flush. I read that the rush calls for blood to rush to the arteries, this is beneficial to clean them of toxins. I forgot to take it tonight but will tomorrow.

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a small ball peen hammer will put ya to sleep in a hurry, just ask my wife ....hehe...just kiddin'......

Congrats again on the great news..... Buzz ( with a z )

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Jennie...this is probably a late email to u..since I noticed your post was awhile back..but here is something that is wonderful..it is called NITE TIME..IT HAS VALERIAN ROOT, MELATONIN AND ETC. I GET IT MONTHLY either from www.procap.com or HSN..home shopping thru Andrew Lessman..you go to sleep within 30 minutes and to a nice soft sleep and wake up soooooooooooo refreshed..no side effects and all natural..I have been taking for several years and it is the BEST..I tried just the 3 mg of melatonin and this other works soo much better..hope it helps.

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I'll have to dig up the link but there is some evidence that it helps prevent recurrences (similar to evidence around modified citrus pectin).

all the best, Leslie

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My Naturopathic doctor had me on melatonin for both sleep and as an anti-tumor treatment. For sleeping it worked like a charm putting me right to sleep and if I woke up at night I could fall right back to sleep. Often if I had to go to the bathroom at night I'd lie awake after for hours. The mellies fixed that problem. my doc had me take up to 20 mg a night working my way up to that amount. When I found that it was too much and was waking up too groggy in the morning, then I cut back little by little.

Nighty night!

peace, emily

C Dixon
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I do think it works. I take high dose melatonin for tumor shrinkage and restoril for sleep. But when I am not in a low point of treatment, melatonin worked just fine. Catherine

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I had never heard of taking melatonin for anti tumor properties. I have taken it a few times before for insomnia, most recently just last night. I slept like a baby. :)
I was hesitant to try it again, though, because I do remember taking it a while back and felt like I was dreaming all night & did not feel well rested in the morning because of all the weird dreams I'd had. Interesting to see someone else mentioned that too. Then, last night, I don't remember having any dreams at all- just a good sleep. Maybe it depends upon what you had for dinner, lol! (going by what I always used to hear that spicy foods cause vivid dreams- have any of you ever heard that?)
I think I'll take it again tonight- I can use as much help as I can in the reducing tumor dept!


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I take the 3 mg right before I get into bed and within about 15 mics I am a sleep, its great.


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My sister is a former flight attendant and she swears by melatonin. With the crazy hours flight attendants work, she says that melatonin helps them get to sleep quickly.

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Hi Jennie,

I read your post this early morning. :). I have taken Melatonin several times throught the years and it works for me. I usually take 1 tablet (325 mcg) and that usually does the trick. And I feel more rested in the morning. Take Care


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Better late than never

20mg of Melatonin was recommended by a Professor here in the UK, to help fight tumours as well as aid sleep and well being.

My partner has been on it for about 3 weeks, sleeps a lot better, feels a bit groggy in the morning. Is it doing anything else, nothing tested or scanned, but recent blood tests were all 'excellent' so no harm to those.


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I've tried melatonin tablets a few times for insomnia, but I didn't notice any effect at all.


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My natropath has me on them since sleep is almost impossible after chemo. I take 20 mg about a hour or so close to bedtime and them the magic happens.... Fall asleep fast and have the best sleep ever!!:)Melissa

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A very good article on Melatonin :http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2004/jan2004_report_melatonin_01.htm

It has ben more recently linked to better outcomes when used in conjunction some Chemos and also anti-tumor effects. The sleep regulation is an added bonus and yes it does work. You may need to play with the dosage, and from my studies you can take a lot with no ill effects. I take 10mg / night.


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I googled melatonin anti cancer properties....read what came up under "open thesis" and read it, I'm confused (I'm blond what can I say).....from what I got from that article is it could interfere with 5-FU protecting the cancer cells...but then again it goes on about anti cancer protective abilities...maybe someone with a more scientific mind could read that and make heads or tails from that article, cause I'm at a loss. Maybe you can take it on non chemo weeks and get a benefit, but how long does it stay in your system...will it be in your system when you go for your chemo. treatment and negate the effect of the chemo drugs??

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Oops, I commented again before I had read all the replies and saw that I had replied before! HA!

I said just about the same thing the second time around. Gave myself a good laugh.

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Just want you to know that is a wonderful and inspirational picture!


PS....oh and my brother just told me about taking melatonin and valerian root. He swears by them for sleep so I'm going to pick some up today.

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for the kind words.

As for Valerian---my hubby had a horrible reaction to it--it did the opposite of what it's supposed to do and he was wired like a crazy man! He was miserable and my laughing while rolling on the floor I'm sure didn't help. HA! It was like he had taken a few hits of speed. After that happened I've heard of others reacting like that. He takes melatonin just fine though BTW. ;-)

peace, emily

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Yes they work, get the sublingual from Whole Foods, they will knock you out, you will sleep like a log.


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