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" seasoned survivor "

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I am interested in finding someone who has survived as long as I have after having total gastrectomy/spenectomy following stomach cancer almost 16 years ago. I was 42 at the time. My tumor was 5cm and had already eroded throught the wall of the stomach. The 41 nodes that were removed along with my spleen all proved to be negative. I had to have a second major surgery 10 days later for an anastamosis leak that caused a pelvic abscess and peritonitis. That surgery was longer then the original one and almost did me in but on the positive side if there were any cancer cells floating around they would most likely have been killed off during the huge inflammatory response from the abscess.
I feel very much like I won the lottery at that time cause the surgery was the cure. I reguired no chemo or radiation. I truly had a guardian angel or something!
I have gone through many changes over the years with my intestines. Over the past year and a half more and different things have gone on. Things that even a gastroenterologist at U.B.C. could not help me with. I am seriously hoping to find someone out there that has been around as long as I have and would be interested in swapping " gut " stories!
If I can be of any help or inspiration to anyone you can call me


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Hello, I read your post with such awe! You are truly a survivor. My brother has diffuse stomach cancer- stage 4 and right now, he's in ICU getting a scan of his stomach because they are suspicious that the wall of his stomach has been eroded. He's 37 years old and he was diagnosed in November. It has been one ordeal after another. He's in ICU because his carbon dioxide levels were sky high and the ascites is making it difficult for him to breathe.

What stage were you diagnosed? When my brother was diagnosed, they said only chemo is the course of treatment option. I hope you get other responders to this post and will be keeping an eye on it. Wishing you continued health.

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Iam confused, is it ok, if the Doctor said that, we do not need Chemo after the staomach cancer operation, as the doc says, they have removed 60% of my dad's infected stomach along with cancer and there were 14 nodes of cancer was also removed. Is it ok for my dad, to go with out chemo....how can we find out he is free from cancer now.

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Hello Lukeanand,My son had his whole stomach removed and received chemotherapy before and after surgery.You should take a second opinion from an oncosurgeon specialising in abdominal surgery regarding chemo.my son was operated at the Tata Cancer Hospital and his surgeon is on a years sabbatical in the US

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