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Hi everyone, I am new here and have not yet been diagnosed with anal cancer, but seem to have all of the symptoms. Did anyone get diagnosed with fissures (multiple times) before the actual diagnosis of anal cancer? I had a colonoscopy in early 2009 and had no polyps (have had them before). I have had rectal bleeding for a long time thinking it was a hemmorhoid. When it got to the point, I thought I would become anemic with the amount I was leaving in the toilet bowl, I went to the gastroenterologist. He found a fissure, told me to eat more fiber, drink more water, etc. I have not been constipated in about 20 years. It got a little better, but not much...went back, decided to watch it a while longer. Then in November it started back to a LOT of blood...went back, he sent me to rectal surgeon, she found two fissures. She gave me diltiazem cream, more high fiber, more water, sitz baths, etc. It got a little better, but started again today bad...three weeks into the cream. I also have pain that lasts most of the day, mucous, and have had HPV diagnosed a couple of times with some brief anal intercourse (years ago). Blah, blah, blah...I know that most of you are dealing with a lot more than I am, but reading this stuff makes me not want to "be you" (sorry). I am not scheduled to go back until mid February, but do you think I should have anal pap or something?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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As you will see the spectrum of symptoms is pretty broad. Some have had bleeding like you have, but I haven't read too many cases where the bleeding was as excessive as yours. That could be a good thing. It may be fissures causing it. Some, like myself had close to no symptoms at all. Have you asked for a rectal exam - proctoscopy? Different from the colonoscopy and focuses on the anal/rectal area to see if there are any masses. You should ask for that to be sure. Sadly, many of the forum members have been misdiagnosed. My suggestion is to ask for the tests to confirm if they see any masses in the anal/rectal area and take it from there.

We don't want you to be be one of us either! There's a good chance you won't be, so stay positive and if you are not comfortable with your current doctors seek out others who specialize.

Please keep us posted! Even though we don't want you to be one of us for good reason, we always welcome good news and visitors!

Wishing you the best,

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Liz has given you some good advice about getting the proctoscope/anoscope. Please get that done as soon as you can schedule it to rule out a tumor. We don't want you to become one of us either. I was dx'd with anal cancer in 6/08 and had bleeding, bloating, mucous, chronic constipation, and change in stools (thinning). I never dreamed it could be cancer, but it was. You need to have this checked out until you get a satisfactory diagnosis. When you know what you're dealing with, then you can treat it. As for anal paps, they are good screening tools when available, but are not widely available. I wish you the best and hope that you get the best possible news.

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I had an anal fissure in April that didnt go away until I had to have surgery on it in July. The pain was awful, I passed a tiny bit of blood once. I found a fissure support websight with members and board "experts". Some people pass alot of blood with them Some just have the pain. I had a colonoscopy and a anoscope a few digital exams ended up seeing 3 doctors a surgeon and a really great nurse pract.. Finally about a month out of surgery all the pain went away and i never saw blood again. The surgery "LIS" is interesting they cut the muscle next to the tear and it heals.

At any rate you will have to see a colorectal doctor. Ask for an HPV anal pap test it works alot the same as a standard pap only for the anal canal. Also ask for a anoscope or proctoscope. Fissure are no fun! http://analfissure.editboard.com/f11-new-to-the-forum-introduce-yourself-here

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Thanks for posting the website. I didn't know one existed! After radiation almost 3 years ago, I continue to have a small fissure that will, at times, get worse. But I'm unable to have the surgery because it will compromise any "control" I have. I'll check out the website.

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I just read your posts and I'm sorry you are having such a hard time getting answers. I too had a little bleeding and pain with BM's but I too thought it was from hemeroids. I never asked my doctor about it because I just thouhgt that was how it would always be. I got roids originally 27 years ago when I had my first child, after all the kids were born the problems went away for years but I just thought it was resufacing due to my age. Nothing I needed to discuss with the doc because I didn't think he could do anything any way. Just all of a sudden one day when I was showering I felt a golf ball size lump in my groin, and the rest is history as they say. It was stage 3B. I have gone through all treatments and I'm not suffering from any side effects so far. It will soon be 1 year since my diagnosis and I'm doing great. I wish you the best nomatter what,and hope you soon have some answers. God bless

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Studies indicate someone who has or has had HPV has a higher probablilty of anal cancer. You might want to contact a colon rectal surgeon if you have not already done so. My colon rectal surgeon took one look at my tumor and knew it was cancer then biopsies were done to confirm.

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