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Hi everyone,most of you in various countries have seen pictures of the flood crisis in the Australian state of Queensland. I live in the S.east corner of the state and for the most part we have had an enormous amount of rain but have so far been lucky to have only minor flooding. That has changed in the last two days ,Nambour , where I live has had around 16 inches of rain in the last two days.It has fallen on already sodden ground and we are flooded. Even so our flood is minor ,the city of toowoomba which sits on top of a range behind our capital ,Brisbane ,received 4 inches in an hour. The local creeks have burst their banks and the main street has become the river. Cars by the dozens were swept away ,some full of people, there have been some miraculous rescues but the flood has fallen off the range and swept away whole communities. As I write the death toll stands at 8 with another 72 missing. The water is now heading toward Brisbane. It is supposed to be protected by the flood mitigating properties of Wivenhoe and Somerset dams on the Brisbane river,unfortunately both dams are at 150percent capacity and the flood gates are wide open to ensure the integrity of the dams. Brisbane is expecting it's first peak tomorrow and the authorities have ordered the evacuation of nearly 5000 properties and businesses. Two towns to the north ,gympie and Maryborough are mostly underwater and still the rain is falling. It may stop tomorrow afternoon .we are hoping. There you go Kathi and Mags I promised to keep you posted , I just wish it was better news. Ron.

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So sorry it is so bad!!!!!

I get updates on the news here in The Netherlands. Our southern borders, too, are feeling the effects of too much water. Not nearly what you all are having, but the Maas river, with sources in the Alps, is already over flowing and many cities are getting their feet wet....

With half of their country below sea level, the Dutch are really good at water control, I'm hoping things in my neighborhood stay ok. Right now, it's fine. We are behind the dike, and the lock down the street is closed with big wood planks to keep the water out from the Ijssel (part of the Rhine) that flows by.

Stay safe, dear Ron...and keep us posted when you can!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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A big section of the main highway linking our mountain communities to the 'flatlands' has weakened and fallen away...

CalTrans is estimating it will be a 2-year process to repair...the pictures are quite stunning...a guardrail just hanging out in space! When I go to Lake Arrowhead, or Big Bear, I always took that road!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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Stay dry and safe hun!!!!!
Winter Marie

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Hi Ron,

I was wondering about how you were when I saw the news today, so I'm glad you wrote this update. Yes, it is very tragic and absolutely unbelievable, as you say.
I will continue to watch the news- please let us know if you become more affected yourself, but it hopefully won't come to that.

Take care-

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Please take care.

Prayers for you, your countrymen and your wonderful country.


Marie who loves kitties

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keep save my friend!.

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Oh, Ron, that's sounds simply horrible! I hope that you're house is safe from flooding! After hearing this story, I certainly have no reason to complain about the 18" of snow that is forecast for here tomorrow. Stay dry and safe! Cynthia

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Hi Ron, I hope and pray that your home and or property are not affected too bad. I'm with Cynthia hear in the northeast we are expecting quite a snow storm today. Stay dry my friend.
How cool would it be if you could just hang your fishin pole out your kitchen window and reel in dinner? See there could be a positive side (or a bad joke).

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like everyone else I first heard the news of Brisbane late last night and then very early this morning. I just sat down to write to you and bingo there you were. Ron it sounds very very bad....like biblical proportions of flooding.

I am glad you are safe and wonder if you are still in your apartment?

like Tom we are slated for more and more snow but I guess there are some advantages to snow ....stay dry Ron....Tom your fishing joke made me smile despite the severity of the situation....

sending you hugs ron


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Be very safe whatever you do. Sounds like you have some major problems there with the weather. Hoping that it clears up soon.


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This is unbelievable! I am sorry for what you + your countrymen are going through. I hope the craziness stops soon. Stay dry.

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I hate to hear this news, please be safe and keep us posted.


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