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metastatic synovial sarcoma

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Is there anybody who has had more than 3 lung surgeries for metastatic synovial sarcoma? I have just received word that my cancer has returned in my right lung with one of the spots being 1.3 cm in the pleural cavity and another spot being 6 mm just adjacent to that area. I am very concerned about having another surgery and was wondering what options I have.

I was first diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in May of 2004. It was originally in my left hamstring and surrounding tissue. I also had a benign bone tumor in the femur in the same area, and so a surgery was scheduled to remove much of the femur and have it replaced with a cadaver bone and steel rod. All of the hamstring was removed with clear margins. Three years later, my first spot was detected by a routine CT scan. I have since had two more surgeries to remove one or two spots at a time, and now I am faced with a fourth.

I have been absent from any sarcoma related website for the past several years, but after reading so many of the survivor entries and caregiver questions, I felt compelled to get back on. We're in this together, and what I need from you may be what someone else needs from me. Hang in there.

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I also had 3 lung surgeries for metastatic synovial sarcoma and I am expecting I will need another one this year as I have a small nodule growing in my right lung (smaller than 1cm at the moment, the surgeon wants to wait)
I know of someone who had 7 lung surgeries before she was told she couldn't have another one and that was many years ago, before VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery) was available. I met that person on the Sarcoma Alliance but I do not know what became of her, just that she was on the yondelis trial for many years (it was keeping her disease stable):

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