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I'm just being silly so don't read this post

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Can you guess what song this is based on?

I'm a cancer survivor, and I'm okay.
I sleep all night and I work all day.

I do the laundry and eat my lunch.
Cause I like it a bunch .
On Sunday's DH shops for food
Cause he is that kind of dude.

I do the laundry and like to sing.
Good thing no one is around to witness the thing!
My DH gets up and goes to work
And I come here to lurk.

I do the laundry. I wear t-shirts,
They're so easy to hide the dirt.

What's this? All I do is laundry! Oh, My!
I do work! Laundry is work!
For people who never have anything to wear we sure do have a lot of dirty laundry!

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It feels great to put aside our worries at times to get a little silly, I like the post but don’t know who it is about, thanks for sharing it.


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LOL! Leave it to me to recognize it!!!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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I didn't get it either, but your answer made it oh so obvious. Too funny. (I think this qualifies you as being even sicker than me, humor-wise:)).

Take care,


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Christmas Girl
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Love them! :-)

"Spam, spam, spam, spam..."

Marcia527's picture
Posts: 2748
Joined: Jul 2006

Kathi is correct!

Big hugs all around!

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Joined: Aug 2009

love it!

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Thought I had replied to this but I guess I was jealous that Kathi got it first. LOL
This was very good. I love Monty Python and this song and now I love it more.
Thanks for bringing some much needed cheer.

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