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Calcified lymph node

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I searched this topic, but this topic was not found. I have had some flank discomfort and urinary frequency. I thought I had a urinary tract infection, so they checked my urine... no infection. So, my doc ordered a kidney US, which showed a 5mm kidney stone. Then I had an xray that also showed a 5mm kidney stone. Then I had an IVP that showed no stones... the urologist said the 5mm "kidney stone" is actually a calcified lymph node outside of the kidney. Have any of you had or heard anything about calcified lymph nodes? My internet search is not turning up anything that really explains what that is and why it occurs. It was not present on my last CT scan in September...

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glad to see you here and no never heard about it.

Cindy Bear
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Hi Deanna. I do remember reading something about this. They are just small deposits of calcium that show up on film. They are often the result of just normal wear and tear,aging or at sites old infection or inflammation. A lot of people have them and more often than not they are benign. They are very common in the breasts.. I know several people including a sister that has them. I would think this is absolutely normal and no cause for alarm.

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Not happy you have a calcified lymph node though. Hope everything else is okay with you. I hope you have been feeling good after all you have been through. Been wondering if you still are enjoying NED. I hope so. In peace and caring.

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How are you doing? I have been feeling very well, but lately I have been frequently having symptoms of UTI. My urine always comes back good, but flank pain continues. US revealed a 5mm kidney stone in the renal pelvis. XRAY revealed the same... IVP shows no stone. So the urologist is calling it a calcified lymph node. Whatever it is was not there on CT scan in September, so I am waiting to hear from my oncologist to see what we do from here. Just want to be sure we are not dismissing a problem.

I miss catching up with all of you. Life just seems to get busier and busier! I hope this finds you feeling well.

Love and hugs,

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My gyn/onc wants to do a PET/CT scan and then a biopsy... better to be safe.

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Deanna, Sounds similar to many of us on these boards. We're rolling along with NED and some wall stops us. You definitely have thought this through and looking at it with knowledgeable vision.

One thing came to mind, docs do "Jump Up and Look More Seriously" when we're a cancer patient or survivor. We all have to face facts, things change during our journey, but sure is nice being in NED.

Presently I've been NED for 1-1/2 yrs and loving it. But...I had that call from a doc about my PAP showing I'm on the "gray area". Didn't tell me yep doesn't look good but the reports for a person with cancer, suggest additional testing. Now if I was a "healthy" person he'd tell me to come back in one year for followup...not to worry now.

We should both be thankful our docs are thorough, but also realize we're not in control. God has a plan for our lives, and no amount of crying, pleading, manipulating etc, will change the outcome of our life. It WILL be okay, whatever the outcome might be.

Good luck to you and plse keep us posted...we care!
((((( hugs )))))

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Too bad you are dealing with more medical stuff. Would be nice to just hear from you!! I'm glad you have been feeling well and are busy. I will pray that this is just nothing!!

hugs to you. Mary Ann

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They got it all way back, during your surgery. I believe that. This is just extra caution, nothing more. Love you, girl. You're still okay and will STAY okay. (((Deanna)))

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Some diseases, like TB, cause this. Schistosomiasis tends to cause them elsewhere (especially in the bladder) but I wouldn't rule it out. If you've ever had a positive TB test or have traveled in schisto hotbeds (mostly Africa, I think) mention this to your doctor.

Another possibility is a genetic disease called PKD (polycystic kidney disease). If either of your parents had it, you have a 50% chance of having inherited it. The cysts usually show up mid-40s and then eventually cause your blood pressure to go up by mid-60s, but it was much later in my family.

Most of the possible non-cancer causes aren't that bad - the best one would be if it was simply from old trauma, such as getting hit or from irritation due to nasty chemicals like, oh I don't know, chemo drugs? In that case, it is really harmless, sort of like a bone bruise.

I hope it all comes out well.

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