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to ro: could you say again what hormones you are on and what you pr, er is?

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can no longer find ypur original posts. could you say again what hormones you are taking now, for how long, and how much and other effects you might be having besides hot flashes? sorry to be redundant.
thanx and sisterhood,

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I take Arimidex 1 mg daily. I will take it for two months (7 weeks to be exact) and then have my CA 125 rechecked. I do not know what the PR, Er are. The doctor said he did not know if that was tested, but I could not find anything on my reports. The doctor said there was only a 10 - 20 per cent chance the Arimidex would help, but it meant two more months of not being on chemo, so I am taking the chance that it will help. Other than the hot flashes, I cannot tell any difference. I have had 17 days of it so far.

Hope ou are doing okay with your hormones. In peace and caring.

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thanx for your response. i'm taking tamoxifen for one month, and megace for one month. i'm almost two weeks into the tamoxfin. most side effect is tiredness. i had my er/pr tested and i'm er+ and pr- you can ask them to do the test, it's not a big deal, and they should be able to do it. it's good to know what they are. yes, i know what you mean about another 2 months without chemo. it feels like a blessing in it self. i don't know what the percentage for success is, but i'm a little hopeful because i'm er+,

hope all goes well with your hormones. let's beat the odds.....


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Sara Zipora
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I just finished six rounds Chemo, taxol weekly for four months, carbo every three weeks with taxol, four time, and then Doxil Carbo two times, total of six rounds Chemo. Now the doc advised waiting four weeks till carbo out of my system then starting on Anti Hormone, I am both Prgesterone and Estrogen(spelling) plus. Since I have Glaucoma in one eye he recommended Mugace instead of Tamoxofen (sp). I have a question about my Staging Grades! I guess it has taken me six months since diagnosis, no symptoms except constipation for two weeks, no bleeding, nada. and surgery to look into all the path reports beyond the Dx of

StageIV B Endometrial Cancer.
Undifferentiated with clear cells

Can any one illuminate me as to what the bottom line is here.
Adenocarcinoma with clear cell type
Architectural grade III
Nuclear grade 2
FIGOGrade 3
It was in Omentus, cul de Sac and asceties cells (spelling) was found.

That said, I am realistic and optimistic but cant get straight answer from docs and research on net beyond that I have a Very High Grade. Great!

thanks so much as usual, you are the greatest!

Sara Zipora

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Hi All,
I hope you don't mind me putting in my 2 cents worth.
I finished my treatment with radiation and chemo ( Taxol/ Carbo) My tumor was Er+ Pr+. My docs started me on Arimedex 1mg as well. They were telling me that there have been a couple of studies on the use of the aromatase inhibitors in uterine Ca suggesting that their use could be benefical. Since estrogen is also relased by the adrenal glands, the feeling is that if your tumors are estrogen receptor positive their would be a benefit in taking these drugs. I was told I will be on it for 1 year, unlike breast cancer patients who are on these for 5 years.
Unlike tamoxifen that supresses estrogen, the aromatase inhibitors prevent its secretion of estrogen at all.
There are side effects though. I was told that if I have any joint pain I was to stop the drug immediately. Also liver function tests are monitored. It must be used with caution in people with cardiac histories. It was just in the news that prople taking Arimadex had an increase in developing cardiac problems. The study showed that if tamoxifen was taken first, the cardiac problems did not occur.
Besides it can cause an increase in menopause symptoms like hot flashes and such.
I have been on it for 2 months and no problems so far, but I am cautious about it. I would love to hear anyone else's experience with it. Thanks


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