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Two Recent Studies

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During a 6-month post CyberKnife visit yesterday, my radiologist took pains to commend two recent studies to me with strong encouragement to give them serious attention. Although both of these studies have been mentioned in previous posts by various members, I thought it would be worthwhile to mention them again here.

The first study was the aspirin study that was released back in October that showed men who take a daily dose of baby aspirin reduce risk of prostate cancer recurrence by up to 50% as well as reducing death by all causes.

The second study was released earlier this year and dealt with the effect of exercise on long term survival of men who have been treated for prostate cancer. The study showed that even a moderate amount of exercise had significant, measurable amounts of benefit and that the more you exercised the more effective it was in reducing risk of recurrence or mortality by something other than prostate cancer. Interestingly, from his perspective, he told me that he had been a researcher in a previous study that tried to determine if an exercise regimen could reduce the risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer and he said they found no correlation. In other words, a healthy exercise program won't prevent you from getting prostate cancer but once you have been diagnosed with PCa, exercise has a significant benefit in extending your life and reducing risk of recurrence.

More information on both of these studies can easily be found if you google the key words of "exercise prostate cancer study" and "aspirin prostate cancer study"

The positive effects of exercise and aspirin are not dependent upon type of treatment so whether you are doing AS, had surgery, radiation, HIFU, brachytherapy, or whatever, it is worth paying attention to if you haven't done so already.

Best to all.


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Yes I am a big advocate of all you mention and how hard is it to take an 81mg aspirin, exercise and eat well to possibly extend your life and improve your general health…Seems like a no brainer to me…

Best to all

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Thanks for another good post with doable and useful info. While some might disagree, from my perspective, as well as PJD's, please add ADT to the list of PCa txs that would reap the positive benefits of aspirin and exercise, both aerobic and weight-bearing, programs. Of course, before starting any strenuous exercise routine and/or aspirin regime, especially for PCa patients, best to check with your medical doctor for his/her "blessing."

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Thanks for reminding all of us on the benefits of physical exercising and the aspirin.
I am surprised that only now your radiologist (a PCa doctor) start recommending it (being serious on the matter) to his patients.

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