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From Stage IV Terminal to We believe we got all your cancer

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So I think I must be dreaming.
Just got home from Stanford, seeing my surgeons.
Colon cancer removed, had a couple of polyps that popped up in the removed area since
the colonoscopy from a couple of months ago, so the Dr. is thinking predisposed, so
colonoscopy year from now.
Ureter Cancer removed.
Liver tumors two removed and the area around the Liver shows nice, sweet and clean of cancer.
Lymph nodes 13 in all were taken and NONE show cancer. They say I am Cancer Free at the moment.
Can this be real? I'm in shock. Happy shock, but still in shock.
Winter Marie

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NHD (naked happy dance)

What wonderful news! Congratulations, my dear -- hope you find an appropriate way of celebrating!!


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What a great result!!!!! I am so happy to hear this for you. HUGS and Happy dance.

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tina dasilva
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Omg that awesome news Marie I'm so happy for you

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I am really happy for you! You are showing us what is possible.

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Oh Winter Marie thats wonderful! I just knew everything was going to be good for you. You deserve it. NED happy, happy, happy....



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Dear Winter Marie,

That is fantastic! Just goes to show what determination can do. You have put cancer on the run.

Celebrate the good news and keep on being the new healthy you!


the other Marie

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What wonderful news for you and a terrific way to start the New Year!


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Wow, what wonderful news! Air you walkin' on air!!!!! Congrats! Jean

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2-3 months ago you were sooooo mad at the world...understandably so...now look at you, hopefully all cancer gone and a new lease on life.....now is the time to go to the beach to your chair and rethink your past situation...reflect on the turmoil that has now become history that will not repeat itself...and love how the new you will reflect a new perspective on everything around you....I love good news.....don't you ?....Bless ya sweetheart.....well, I guess you already have been....and what a wonderful blessing it is.....Love to you and yours , Clift

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I am so friggin excited for you!!!!! Lets party!!! Puttin my shoes on and comin ova!!! LOL..... someday Dizz....... :)


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What a way to bring in the New Year!! Bubbly all around! :-D Wonderful news, simply wonderful! The others are right, go out and do the naked dance!! :-) Hugs, Cynthia

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Nana b
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Awesome! That is really great news!!

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Winter Marie,
What a wonderful post!!!!!! Absolutely wonderful!!


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And, yes, darlin' EVERYTHING is possible!!!!!!!

SUCH grand news!!!! I am smiling from ear to ear!!!!

(Remember, I was given 6 months to live, 6 YEARS ago!!! ROFL!)

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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Great news, so happy for u.. Petrina

Anonymous user (not verified)

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What wonderful news. Enjoy to moment to let it all sink in. Now, don't go over doing, stay the course, listen to the doctors and continue to do everything you can to make yourself strong and healthy.

Hugs - Tina

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Kerry S
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Happy for you and love you

Kerry (old coot with an attitude)

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Oh my friend it's so wonderful to log on and see people posting wonderful news. I am so happy for you and know you're floating on cloud nine. Enjoy this news as you so deserve to hear it.

Your friend in Dallas,

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Just Congratulations you deserve it!

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Winter Marie,

Congrats, this is such wonderful news. I'm really happy for you. Now go enjoy the new year.


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Yes, I remember a particular post from my old friend, Dizz - you know which one it was that you had written:)

And like Buzz, I remember a different Winter from that time....who would have thought that this chapter could have been written with such a happy ending.

Actually, it's just so unbelievable when you walk back down the road and think about it all....just really, really happy for you!

Just goes to show you that one never knows how things will all turn out...you just got through a major surger(ies) and it could not have turned out any better for you.

May you go forth and spread joy now with your good fortune...


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Winter Marie,

I am so happy for you and can only imagine the joy you are feeling right now. I am here celebrating your victory. Now go out and enjoy your wonderful life!


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congratulations! What wonderful news to you! May you continued to be blessed with happiness and peace!

C Dixon
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I'm enjoying the shock. Now just take really good care of yourself and still be grateful for every day!


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I'm happy for you, Marie!!!!


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so so happy for you mary. please pray for my daddy. he starts chemo for stage 4 on wednesday. the sadness is consuming me. i am very happy for you xxxxx

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Winter Marie,
May your blessings continue. We are very happy for you. Have fun celebrating.
Dave & Audrey

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That is wonderful news!!! I am so very happy for you & that gives others the hope we are praying for! Here's to you & a new beginning!

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Sounds good to me, girl!! Two thumbs up and great work by your surgeons.

Anonymous user (not verified)

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Cryin' happy tears for you Winter Marie!!!!! Thanking God!

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Congratulations,now you can do the happy dance,and celebrate.

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I just wanted to add to my earlier and to everyone elses......YAY for you Winter Marie!

smiling for you, Gail

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Oh Marie, this is such a great news. I'm so happy for you. May you have a smooth recovery from the surgery. - Lucy

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That is wonderful news. You have been through so much so to hear this is very sweet music. Time for you to go and celebrate. Hope you are feeling better every day.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this post. I wasn't going to log on today because it's my 29th wedding anniversary and I just wanted to forget about cancer. But reading your post is the best anniversary present I could ever receive. Your good news is our good news. It gives all of us stage IV patients hope that there can be a future after such devastating news.

Thank you Winter Marie and may your 2011 only be filled with health and happiness.

WOO HOO!!!!!!!


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That is GREAT!!!! I love your news! I'd join you in the naked happy dance, but it's freezing in NC right now. I'll be thinking about how happy I am for you, though!


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just want to add my congratulations!!!! Wonderful wonderful news!! I am so happy for you!!!

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Heal up well, and enjoy this moment.

all the best, Leslie

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how wonderful for you and all of us.
thank god.

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So very much for sharing in my happiness!!! Everyone I read made me cry just a little with tears of happiness.
I start "mop up" chemo in a couple of weeks. NO Oxyplatinin!! Yea!!!!
Love you guys so much, my on line family!!!
Winter Marie

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