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Add Insult to Injury

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Or the other way around actually. Was trying really hard to make it through the holidays and stay strong. But...on Christmas Eve I fell on the stairs and broke my foot!. The ER doc at the small country hopital said he couldn't really tell but thought I had a minor fracture and sent me home with instructions to stay off it a few days. Fast forward to yesterday, still in a lot of pain so I went to my own ortho. And of course it's fractured in two diffrent places and now I have a cast from toes to knee. So as I sit here in a haze of percocet, trying to get around with crutches I realize how alone I really am without him.

Will it ever end ?

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Gotta love the percocet haze....drink plently of liquids....narc's play havoc on elimination...if you get my drift !!!!
I feel the same way....having no children....if I go down I am sunk...I am super careful to not take any chances...its just me and the cat....in a second floor condo...
I am scared to death of anything happening to me....and well if it does it best be big and final...
Feel better...

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No kids and in a 2nd floor condo! no cat though! And I do get the drift as far as what the percocet does to your digestion, but right now the pain outweighs that problem. I am alos careful at home, this happened at my parents with a house full of people! So you never know.

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That's just not fair, is it? One more bump in the road although with crutches, I'm sure it feels like a mountain.

In the middle of Jim's treatments this past summer, I did something very foolish but with a valiant reason and gave myself the first I'd every heard of fourth degree burns on my right hand - wildly inconvenient since Jim had his feeding tube in place and I was determined to be the only one who cared for it. Still working on the healing six months later but it struck me how things happen the worst when we need them the least. I called mine "caregivers carelessness". We just get so easily wrapped up in what we are doing...

I'm sorry for the tumble, ktlcs. Hope it heals quickly and smoothly.

And drink your milk!


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