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update and questions

miss maggie
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I forgot to mention, I go back in may 2011 for blood tests, no scans. The oncologist told me they can check the blood for any changes including bone marrow involvement. Never heard of that. The down side, I have other problems that took the joy out of my good news. The exact words were: There is mild patchy FDG around the right hip where there is severe fibrocyatic changes in the femoral head and posterior column of the acetabulum likely due to degenerative changes. I never had hip problems until I had the bone marrow biopsy. My right knee bothered me, not my hip. Is it possible a bone marrow biopsy can cause problems? I asked the nurse, and she said no. Another question, what does FDG avid disease stand for? The report stated "No evidence of FDG avid disease". I forgot to ask.

Maggie "Extranodal marginal zone b cell lymphoma" DX sept 09 remission

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Hi Maggie,
I have tried to find out what FDG avid disease stands for, but I'm not having any luck. I've exhausted my capabilities for an answer. Maybe someone else can figure this out for you. All I'm coming up with is FDG being associated with a type of PET scan.
Sorry dear...I tried. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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The same here. I have googled those letters and all I find is a type of pet scan addition. I think I would call the Onc. office and find out what it is.Be sure to let us know as well. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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I hope I can explain this to you. FDG is the radioactive tracer used in PET Scans. It stands for Fluorodeoxyglucose. When used in the sentence FDG avid , it means that the nodes or tumors takes up the FGD, also known as Hot nodes. This means cancer. Your report said no evidence of FDG avid disease, this means no uptake, no cancer reacting to the tracer. Sometimes reports say no metabolic activity. Same thing.
I hope I helped explain it a little better for you.
Peaceful healing

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I just call it suped up sugar that gives me a hell of a headache and severe coffee withdrawl. But I agree with you Lisha, no evidence is a good thing!

And yes, you answered the question perfectly! You doing ok?


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Hi Lisha,
I read all of that information but didn't know how to put it in words that would make sense...you did a "super" job! Your post should really be helpful for Maggie. People helping people...now thats what I'm talkin bout! Love...Sue

miss maggie
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Lisha, I read your definition of FDG. I am at a loss for words.If I didn't know better, I would think a doctor responded to my question. Thanks so much from me, and others on this site. I am not sure if I would remember the exact words, therefore I am pasting a copy in my NHL file in my computer.

Please keep all of us informed of your journey at MD Anderson. Some how I have a feeling, this will be a positive journey. God Bless. In my prayers each and everyday.

Yes, peaceful healing. Love Maggie

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