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Avastin rebound??

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My oncologist informally chatted with me today about possible rebound effect after stopping Avastin. I've been doing a little research and it seems most of the evidence is from mice and brain cancer. Here is one link (note it is 2009 and from a lay, not medical, publication)


I'm currently on XELIRI plus Avastin - had my 16th cycle today! I'm tolerating it well. Having scan in a couple of weeks and my oncologist is already thinking about what to do after we discover all my spots (bone mets) are gone (I love his optimism!). I will probably go on some sort of maintenance chemo after this (I've had multiple relapses). I guess the question might be xeloda plus Avastin (which I think was my onc's first idea) or Xeloda alone.

Wonder if anyone else has faced or is facing a similar decision? Or has any additional insight on this Avastin relapse issue (I certainly don't want to sound alarmist about that -- as I say, my understandin is that the evidence is pretty limited. And, although Avastin is now being doubted for breast cancer, it still seems to be showing good effects in colorectal cancer, especially in more advanced cancers). My combo certainly seems to be helping me....


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It is really good to hear that you seem to respond quickly to Avastin when it is reintroduced -- that is good news.

I do understand the debate about maintenance chemo -- I know a lot of doctors/people share the same opinion as your Dr.

I hope we will both be having that NED discussion very soon!


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I was on Avastin for a 12 month cycle then off and on again in a clinical trial for 6 months. My tumors are in my lungs and although there are many.... they seem to be small and not terribly fast growing. A clinical trial I have been told about at UCSF uses Avastin and a new drug by that company. Even though my tumors have continued to grow, the doc wonders if in fact they haven't been slowed down by the meds I have used! Maybe she is very optomistic, but I will take it!! Anyway, I hope you get the great answers you seek and I wish the very best to you, so close to NED!!! Best to you. Jean

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