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pain management visit

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Heading back to the pain management specialist this afternoon.

Prayers for resolution of the pain because it is really wearing on Jim.

As we've said before, it is hard to watch them hurt.

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Tina Blondek
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Hello and please know that I am thinking of you both and praying that you will find some relief soon. It is so very hard to watch, knowing we have done all we can for them. It is a great idea that you are taking him to pain management. I know this will have a positive outcome. God bless you both and give you the strength you will need to continue.
Tina in Va

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How did the pain management appt. go this afternoon? Hope they can do something for Jim. It's so darn hard to know the one you love is hurting and you can't help him. I think my hubby, Tom kept alot of his pain from me. I worried about him so much and watched every move. Cancer is such a frustrating disease and just wish they would find a cure for it. I know they've come along way but bet in other countries they're ahead of us.
Take care & give Jim a hug!!! "Carole"

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Decreasing hydrocodone, introducing Cymbalta; nerve block scheduled for a month from now because that is when the doctor is available to perform the procedure.

PET scan scheduled for 12 January.

Thanks, y'all. Praying this new medication will give him some relief. They say being on the Fentanyl for six months is too long - well, yes, I suppose so, but six months is a long time to be in pain, too.


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I had a very bad pain in my head for the last 6 months before my doctors finally found I had a bad Mastoid infection, sometimes it is hard to see the forest because the trees get in the way. I hope this stuff help Jim and keeps him out of pain.

Take care

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And I keep wanting it to be something as "simple" as this, Hondo.

Did you run a fever with this?

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luz del lago
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Sending my prayers and best wishes for Jim. You have been there for me, I am here for you.


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I appreciate that.

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The best to you and Jim...hopefully this will help with his pain. Sometimes it takes the docs a while to find the right combo of drugs and hopefully this is the right one. Hugs to you both.

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The Cymbalta really knocked him out! I think he got some sound sleep last night, regardless of the pain.

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Glad to hear that Jim got some good sleep. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

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