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Howdy - Not Been Myself Lately - Sundance Update

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Well, I can see that there is concern and folks have been asking about me. Thought I would take a minute out to put out a status to ease everyone's mind...

Bottom line: Treatment has been a rough go this time 'round. From the open surgery, the 30 rad Tx's the 6-week chemo, 46-hour pumps, and the Big Folfori Margaritas, it's safe to say, that I've taken my share of the poisons that are so readily available, LOL:)

My gut reaction is that the radiation treatments really "intensified" the chemo treatments alright...over the holidays, I was so ill, that I was falling asleep sitting straight up in a chair, but out. Then, after I do the Neulasta shot, I don't know what happens (well, I do know what it's doing, but can't see the changes)...and for whatever reason, that takes the cycle to a new level and I go down really hard for the next 120-hours, which is 5 straight days of torture. I've found this Folfiri is just as mean as Folfox, but in different ways.

There are also alot of "fires" that I'm trying to put out - lots of paperwork to insurance company, my job, oncologists info etc.etc. I've got my hands so full trying to stay afloat on 60% benefit, just been trying to get back to work and get reinstated to full time pay - it's challenging as all of you are aware of.

Kerry thinks he's got a "scary old lady"...well he ain't met mine yet when the payroll ain't up to snuff - he'd run to the woods with her fast on his heels.

But mostly, it's health right now that has kept me on the sideline - it's been hard to concentrate on even reading posts, much less being able to respond to them. So, I always feels it's best when I can't contribute, to stay off the board.

That nodule I told you about a few months ago, looks to be a bad 'roid, and has begun bleeding and causing extreme discomfort and pain over the holidays. My counts still seem to be ok, but began having a good nosebleed and then the lower half has acted up.

Looks lik I may be in for a day surgery to address this situation...always something.

Take the best care and when all of my "blazes" have been put out, things will get right in my universe. We're still in the middle of chemo treatments...8 more to go.

Winter, glad you are home and doing ok. Got a good story for you when I feel up to it.

Paula, I'm sorry on JR's passing....welcome all the new folks...and finally hello to all of my friends. Thank you for all of your concern and well wishes....you all know I'll be ok...one day - somehow - someway.


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Oh, Craig, it's so good to read an update post from you! You've sure had me worried.
I'm sorry for all that's kicking you down and keeping you down. And you still managed to play "Santa Craig" for so many over the holidays. I think of you often and pray for you when I'm thinking of you. Now that I know some more specifics, those prayers are going to get a whole lot more specific too!
I'm hanging in there, myself- still doing the chemo 2 weeks in a row, then 1 week off. It's been hitting me harder the past couple of months than it used to. I think just from a build up of too much chemo. You sure know how that is. Yeah, adding the radiation to your chemo hit you with a double whammy.
Well, anytime you feel up to it, need to vent about how you feel, about insurance crap, or whatever, just shoot me a PM & I'd be happy to "talk" with ya!

Hugs to you,
Lisa :)

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Hi Craig,

I am sorry you are going through so much. You are a trooper, + it sounds like you are juggling a lot of paperwork along with the physical wear + tear of chemo + radiation. I have been thinking about you a lot, + really appreciate you coming on here + letting us know how it is going.

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It is such a huge relief to here from you, thank you for the update. I will keep praying for you.

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Kerry S
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Keep the attitude up. I would match my in house pit bull with anyone’s.


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We'll have ourselves a "good old-fashioned Texas Cage Match".....and the winner and loser still has to keep us, LOL:)


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Hey Craig! It's so nice to see your posts on the board again, but so sorry to hear that you're really taking a beating this time around. You've been in our thoughts and prayers, I just wish there was more that we could do to help. Get plenty of rest, and keep fighting my friend. BIG HUGS!! Luv, Cynthia

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Hi Craig, sorry to hear things are so hard right now. I was so happy to see your post though and really hope you will be feeling better so. I am inbetween treatments right now and will meet with clinical trial docs next week. But I feel better right now then in a very long time! Drug free! Oh well, I will enjoy it while I can! I actually am a bit fearful without some kind of meds!!! You are in my prayers. You don't know what you mean to the people on this site. Rest and check in when you can. Jean

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Hang in there and why not just try pissing on all those fires? ;)

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Hey buddy I'm always on your side and routing for you. You have been through so much and thank you for taking the time, even when you don't feel well and wish you were in bed, to keep us in touch with what is going on with you. Sounds like you have your plate full and you are dealing with a lot of issues now. Hoping that all gets solved with insurance and work problems because that is really not something that you need to deal with right now. Just want to let you know that you are being though of and prayed for that you have a speedy recovery.

Hugs! Kim

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Well it sounds like you have a lot to deal with at one time.I hope everything gets better,including you.get some rest,and I'll keep praying for you.

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Take care of yourself. I sure hope each day finds you inching towards feeling much better. - Tina

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Hang in there Craig. We all love you!

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Yes Craig you were missed something awful.

Even though you are still in treatment, I hope that each new day will bring you an extra boost of strenght.


Marie who loves kitties

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Yep, it's just not normal here without seeing you posting Craig. So sorry for all you're going through and I can sure understand your need to rest. Just know you're loved and being lifted up in prayer. You know we're pulling for you!

C Dixon
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You will make it. My story is similar with how I am handling treatment, so I understand. But we will make it. I am going to post my update after going to Duke. Radiation makes everything harder, even if it isn't that bad when you are having it. I do know you had a hard time with it as it went on but it's effects last longer than the treatment and then to start full force chemo is just tough. Eat right, rest, walk when you can (I need to take that advice) and do what you can with the other. No stress.

Praying for you,


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I'm looking forward to the story. You rest, do what you need to do, we'll talk later.
Thinking of you.
Winter Marie

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I haven't been on in a while and was hoping to see a post from you. Please know that you are in our prayers and you have a special place in our hearts! And, everytime I play the CD I think of you!

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God Bless Craig... rest is what you need right now. think of you always. Hang in there...

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I hate hearing about how tough your treatment has been and all you've gone through,but it was really great to read your post! You truly are loved here and we all miss you when you are absent. But you need to recover and save your strength for your treatments. I think of you often and pray for better days ahead for you.

Hugs and Healing,

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We have been so worried! Don't you ever do that again, young man!!! (ROFL...just kidding!)

Thank you for the update, my dear friend! We did get some news on you recently, so I just kept you at the top of my prayer list...

I don't have many words, other than I know your strong heart will kick the beast again! I am sending strong, scary (to the beast), healing hugs to you, my dearest cowboy!! Rest well.

Hugs, Kathi

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what a wonderful relief to see your face and words again. Once more you are taking a beastly sh-ikicking.....

I miss you so much when you are not here but I hope you are resting and gathering your resources each time to fight on. I was interested in your description of your Neulasta...I have a friend who is starting that drug tomorrow....she is on carboplatin and taxol...I have no experience with the injection of the Neulasta so we shall see.

no wonder you are tired Santa Craig....you just plum wore yourself out....I cannot believe you got all that music prepared for us.

thank you thank you and hugs....take care


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I hope you feel better soon please take and you are in my thoughts alot.


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Feel so sorry for your issues and hoe you get better very soon!.

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I'm sorry things have been so rough. Hang in there...they WILL get better. Sending big hugs your way.

Take care,

Fight for my love
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Gosh,finally see your post.Both me and my husband were wondering how you are doing and the other day we were talking about you.I saw Jennie's post and knew you didn't feel very good.I understand that you have had so many agressive treatments in such a short time,it is tough.I hope you will recuperate and finish all the treatments as scheduled.You are in my prayers as always.Love you,take care.

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Hang in there!! Hoping you start to feel better and soon!


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Just want to chime in with a HI and thinking of you Craig! Just not the same when I pop in to the colorectal board and don't see a post from you!!

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Hoping you're back on your feet in no-time!


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Oh, Craig.

I'm so sorry you've been having such a tough time. It's just not fair! I'm going to have to send you to a teddy bear clinic that can fix you right up, okay?

Love you lots. PLEASE stay strong and get better.


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While I'm happy you are still here, at the same time it saddens me to learn the treaments are being so rough on you. I hope you are feeling some better as the days go on. It has been a truly long battle for you, you are a warrior in this battle and you will win it!

Thanks for the update, we all really appreciate it. If there is anything I could do to help you out somehow just let me know. I will be saying extra prayers for you, stay strong and get your rest. We will be here for you when you are ready and able to be back.


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Hey Craig... Dang I hate to hear that you're having a hard time. I hope things start to get beter for you soom.

Call me anyttime

just4Brooks's picture
Posts: 988
Joined: Jun 2009

Hey Craig... Dang I hate to hear that you're having a hard time. I hope things start to get beter for you soom.

Call me anyttime

Posts: 1736
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Hate to hear your not feeling so well, I am praying all this crap you have to go through will be successful and will be no more treatments for you, because you will be all better. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you, we are all family here.


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Thank you for the update on yourself, Craig. We have all been worried and Praying for you. Just take of yourself and we know you will be back giving everyone words of wisdom. Take care and God Bless. Margaret

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meant to post earlier.....Craig, so good to hear from you, and so sorry to hear how this treatment has kicked your butt, though you said it would in the beginning, but bummer when you're right about those kind of predictions. And then to have the added stress financially, and then a hemorrhoid!, geez. I think about you tons, and yes, you help me by being there, knowing we're all in this one together. Never underestimate the power of unity and love.

Ride on,

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