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Okay, I'm really scared again.

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Well, I joyously posted on here back in November that my PET/CT scan was clean after surgery/rads for Parotid salivary gland cancer. Today, I met with my surgeon for a check up. I mentioned that I had been having some neck pain and I found a small lump around my jaw line. This made me a bit nervous. My surgeon said he doesn't know what the lump is, but he did not like the looks of it. So, now in two weeks, I go in to have this little lump removed to see what it is. I'm really scared, folks and I could sure use some support. I have had two surgeries, radioactive seed implantation, 30 rads to the neck, 6 months of facial palsy, and now this. I know that many of you have been through worse, but this is really beginning to wear me down.


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I am hoping that this lump will turn out to be nothing. I certainly understand why you are anxious. I went thru a scare with a mammogram back in June but thank God it wasn't anything to be concerned over. I was a wreck for a few days and I knew I wasnt handling it very well. I don't think I have it in me to go thru it all again. Please keep us posted and if you would like I will certainly pray for you.

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Coming your way Roger....

I can definitely relate, as I'm sure anyone on this board can....we all worry and have anxiety over most anything that is out of the norm. Especially after going what we all have.

Thoughts and prayers that it turns out to be nothing serious.


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Pain in the neck and lumps are not uncommon. I get them now and then when there is an infection or something in my body or in my head. They stick around for a few weeks or so then go away just like they came. The ones I do worry about sometimes are the ones I get in my testicular; don’t want to loose anything more down that way then what I have already lost.

All the best to you my friend and I will also keep you in my prayers

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Hi Roger, I'm hoping with you it's nothing but a lump. I have some loss of feeling in my left neck from dissection and it's so uneven now in the area that I'm always trying to feel if there is a lump, or if it's just part of the bumpy road that been left there from the surgery. Like Hondo said, a lot of work or radiation in a spot can easily grow cysts and scar tissue, so glad you're getting rid of it in two weeks.

best, Hal

josh r.
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Hi roger,
I can only imagine what who have gone through and are now facing again. My only advise I can offer you is to do what you have obviously done in the past...fight and never give up. Your set back(s) can certainly test your will but you have proven how strong you can be and I would guess that you have a close support group. Be sure that you have us out here praying for you to win out again. All the best, Josh r.

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Pam M
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Really hoping your surgeon doesn't like the look of any jawline lumps, and that yours is not cause for concern. Sorry you have to wait two weeks to get rid of it.

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Hey Roger,

You know; it ain't nothing but a lump until it's something else. I'll be praying for it to just be a lump. We're all here with you. Much strength and courage to you.


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I like what Bob mentioned in his post before me. I will pray that it is just a lump also. I drive myself bonker's looking for those sucker's. It is so easy to do that! I wish you my best & hope all is well.
God Bless

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Glenna M
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It's natural to panic and think the worst but as Bob said, "it ain't nothing but a lump until it's something else". Until the biopsy results are in it's still only a lump and I will be praying that it remains that way.

My best to you,

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I will pray that it turns out to be nothing. Stay strong and know that we are here for you.


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And hugs to you, too.

With everything you have been through, how could you not be nervous?

With everything your body has been through, how could you not have lumps and bumps?

Whatever it is or is not, you will get through this.

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Jan Trinks
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Hi Roger:

I can relate to being worried. If you've read my posts you know I refer to myself as Basketcase! Here's praying that it's nothing serious and I hate that you have to wait for two weeks to find out. Stay strong and keep positive. Prayers coming your way!

Jan (Basketcase)

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Thank you all for your wonderful responses. This has helped to lift my spirits. My personal physician and my immediate family have all told me to "Get this thing out and test it", so I am going ahead with the surgery on Jan 21 to see what this critter is. I refuse to accept that the beast is back.


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Good decision on getting it out of your body, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers on the 21st that all goes well.

All the best to you my friend

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harper rose
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It amazes me...all the lumps, bumps and puckers that come and go at will! Ah...the new normal. I am praying for you. Hugs, HR

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Hi Roger,

I am going through this for the 1st time but I think I understand. I am starved for information and the waiting is agonizing. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster and I can't get off. My kids sent me an article on the power of positive thinking and it was helpful. I have to keep reminding myself to think positively. I will be thinking of you and hoping for only good news for you my friend.


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