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How are you doing Lisha?

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Hi Lisha,
Just wanted to tell you I am thinking about you and anxiously waiting to hear any
"NEW" news or a progress report on you getting some kind of treatment going. I'm keeping you in my prayers every day and hope to hear from you soon. Also keeping Delores and your mom in my prayers...hope all is ok with both of them also.
Positive good thoughts coming your way daily! Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi Sue,
Well, MD Anderson called me this afternoon and said I have appointments set for Monday. This coming Monday! So, I have been scrambling today to set up flights car hotels etc. My middle daughter will be going with me since Keith needs to stay with his mom. She is not doing very well and may not survive a week. I hope she can hold on till I return in a week. Anderson wants me to be in Houston all week for various fun tests. HA HA..I have 4 appointments set just for Monday.. They don't mess around..
I knew that they would call and only give me a few days lead time, but now that it's so, I am feeling scared and a bit frantic. Not a good feeling to be in.
I will have my laptop with me so I can keep you all near to me. It really is scary going to another state for treatment etc. I know in my heart that this is the right place to go to, it's just scary and far from home.
I'll update as I know more.
I'll be praying for your remission too.
Peaceful healing

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This is short. Been waiting for you to post. Just want you to know we are behind you and always thinking of you. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

miss maggie
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I couldn't of said it any better than John. Yes, you are going to a great hospital. The very best from me. Maggie

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Hi Lisha,
I am sooooooo happy for you!!! Keep checking in when you get time. I'm glad your daughter will be with you...hang in there, everything is going to work out!
Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi, Lisha,

Sorry to hear about your mother - my mother stopped chemo last week because of an allergic reaction to it. Importantly, she is comfortable staying in bed. Will find out what is next step for her to heal or not... I will be thinking of you and mom and wish you well. Hope you are able to relax and good luck with the tests.


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Keep the faith, wishing you Peaceful healing!!!!! Vinny

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Lisha i will be praying for you to have a safe trip, i know you are scared as i know i would be.You will have all of our love, support and prayers going with you,stay strong!

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Lisha, we are all here for you. Let us know how it is going. Many good wishes and lots of prayers. Joanie

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Keep us posted, and happy and healthy traveling. Be careful and remember lots of purell!

Take care,

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Hi Lisha,

Well, it is good to hear that you are on your way to MD Anderson. I suppose you leave tomorrow if your appointment starts on Monday.
One bit of advise for your first day. Plan to arrive at LEAST 45 minutes before your first appointment (If your first appointment is 8 to 9 or so in the AM, then get there 60 minutes early.). And also, plan on using their valet service. It costs $15 vs the $10 for the garage, BUT, using the valet helps you avoid one of the hassles of finding a parking spot. Sometimes its easy (very early in the morning), but other times it is quite difficult. The valet people just take that problem off your shoulders.
That will also give you the most time to find where you need to be to start your day. After your first day, you will be an expert and you will no longer be nervous about anything.
TAKE LOTS OF READING MATERIAL. You will have wireless available in many spots, but not everywhere.

Most of all, try to relax and good luck.

Tom (DLBCL-Stage 4-7/10-Remission)

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Good luck! You're in my prayers for a successful trip with lots of great info. We are all with you1


NMZ NHL Stage IV 05/10 ww

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