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Got some fever (100) and a kind of stiffness in arms legs and shoulders also tired!

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But not ant other symptoms, shoulD l be worried or just a flu?

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Call your Doctor Pepe, best to keep them informed and let them tell you if it's anything to be concerned about or not. I'm sitting here with a 100 temp right now, and there are alot of virus going around to be sure, but I'm going to get it checked out anyway just to make sure it's not sinus infection or bronchitis(?) Better to nip it in the bud!
Take care, let us know.

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Nana b
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Call your doctor, fever needs to be watched.

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This happened to George while on Folfox. Threw a fever over the weekend of 100/101. I called the oncologist and the doc on call said to give him 2 extra strength Tylenol. In about a half hour the fever reduced and went away. We were advised if the fever did not come down or went up, to head over to the ER. The doc called back about 2 hours later to check up on George and we just told him the fever went away and George felt ok. He asked a bunch of questions and said sometimes this just happens.

George didn't feel particularly bad, he just felt "yucky". The fever never returned and there was really no explanation. It only happened the one time.

My suggestion, call your onc's office and see what they say. A fever can mean any number of things but since you are on active treatment better be safe than sorry.

Take care and I hope you feel better - Tina

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since 17 days so I was feeling superb u till yesterday , but when I arrived home today I get slept in the sofa and wake up ,filing cold and trembling,there is a lot of stomach flu here this days but not vomiting, not diarrhea , just fever and general bones and muscular pain!.
He told me to have paracetamol go bed and call him tomorrow! Which by the way is holiday here ( epiphany ) .Hope is juts a flu! But the problem is that Monday l got labs and hope this don't interfere in the CEA results!.

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Seems like this is the time for cold and flu, so best take care of yourself.

If you have either they may want to wait on the blood work a few days until you are better.

I am still battling this cold or whatever it is. How about joining me for some chicken soup...they say it will cure what ails you!

Hugs and hope you feel better soon,

Marie who loves kitties

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omelette with boiled ham! then a yogurt .Not a gourmet dinner! hahaha! We can't delay the labs as they want it next week before Pet And scan!

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Sorry you are not feeling well; I hope it gets better soon.

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Hope it is just a virus that passes quickly. Get some extra rest and drink lots of fluids. Glad you called the doc.


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you might have caught a bug. Take care and get some rest. Rest helps the body heal. HUGS

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I am sorry that you are not feeling well, but when you get well can you explain the melting clocks by Dali? Lol. I can not figure it out.

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This bothers me when I can not understand something!

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Hi Pepe, I hope that you are feeling better soon - but, yes, it sure does sound like the flu. :-( But like Tina mentioned, a couple of Tylenol will probably help to reduce the fever. Feel better.... Hugs, Cynthia

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